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If you currently photograph newborns or plan on doing so, you cannot afford to be without this magazine. 13 exquisitely designed layouts intermingle delicious illustrations, stunning typography, and show your images at their very best. Our professionally written articles will inform your clients on what to expect for their newborn's first photos and how to plan for success. Each article is informed by the experience of multiple newborn photographers to help you and your clients achieve the best results.


  • "About Us" photography studio introduction
  • An article discussing the differences between Posed Vs. Lifestyle sessions
  • An article on why hiring a professional photographer is the right decision
  • Detailed information on What to expect & tips for success
  • Worksheet with checklist for preparation
  • Detailed packages and product pricing section
  • Client love and kind words area
  • Bonus gallery layout to show off full-spread images with fun talk bubble captions
  • Front & Back magazine-style covers showing off your images
  • Each layout is fully customizable with elements on separate layers. Formatted to standard 8.5" x 11" magazine sizing.
  • Our customers have recommended printing GooGooGaGa with Be sure to use the included splitter template before submitting, though!

A special thanks to Keri Meyers for lending us her outstanding images for this product.

Scroll through the images at the left to see examples.

Oh, and get this: you can have this entire guide printed or send it out electronically. Printed versions are perfect for fair or festival booths, leaving around at local eateries or establishments or for mailing. The e-versions are also super convenient. Just attach the guide in an email to any potential client who has questions about your services and watch your calendar fill up. 

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