Photography Lighting Bundle - 6 ebooks!

This comprehensive set of 6 e-book guides contain essential skills for both beginners and wedding and portrait photographers from SimpleSLR. In addition to the beginner-level Hands-On Photography Guide, this bundle also includes essential lighting guides for wedding photographers and portrait photographers. These are the Portrait Lighting Guide, Portrait Recipes Vol.1,2,3 and Multicultural Wedding Photography Lighting.

What's Included: 

Hands-On Photography Guide (38 pages)
Portrait Lighting Guide (22 pages)
Portrait Recipes Volume 1 (13 pages)
Portrait Recipes Volume 2 (14 pages)
Portrait Recipes Volume 3 (13 pages)
Wedding Photography Lighting (63 pages)

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What people are saying: 

I got this e-book and I am so glad I did. I went to photography school for about a year and I didn’t learn as much as I learn with these e-books. It is easy to understand and it has so much information. I strongly recommend this e-book. I wish I new before going to school I could save so much money. Thank You for sharing your knowledge, and for the tips. I love them.
- Astrid Hernandez

Whether you’re a pro or you’re just starting into photography, this books explain complex things in such an easy way! I can only recommend you to buy them all. they’ll make you get what you want in your pictures and boost your creativity.
- David CB

Your ebooks are excellent, no-nonsense, to the point and very easy to follow and duplicate. As a wedding photographer for almost 20 years I highly recommend these e-books .Thank you and keep up the good work!
- Nasroullah Dinally

Okay, I want all my money back ! Not from you but, everyone else that was suppose to teach me lighting techniques. This is theory and application displayed with illustrations and clear diagrams. Where have you been all these months, while I painstakingly studied, but never quite understood what was going on. Thank God I finally see the light !
- Sonia Oglesby

With over 32 years active in photography, 12 of which as a wedding professional, I find these series of books to be well done and informative! Andy presents lighting techniques in terms that are easy to understand and duplicate. I highly recommend his series of eBooks.
- Craig Bennett-Photography

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