Photography Basics: Wedding Day Workflow

Are you ready to start booking weddings? Do you need help knowing what to say to the clients?

If you have already booked, are you wondering: "Where do I even begin? Which settings do I use? Where do I stand? What all do I take photos of? What if time is an issue?"

Are you offering a second shooter with your wedding services and not quite sure how to work with another photographer? 

Are you ready to begin shooting weddings like a pro?

If you've had any of these questions - this is the guide for you!

"The Girls" at ALP will be walking you through one of their actual weddings. They start from the very beginning booking inquiry email, to the very last one after the wedding. This will include every correspondence between ann louise photography and their client. They will also be walking you through actually taking photos of the bride getting ready, family formals, bridal party portraits, the ceremony, reception, and so much more. 

Have you ever wanted to take a mentoring session to learn straight from the pros all about how to shoot a wedding? This is the next best thing! Jessica and Jillian go through the entire wedding process and even share their camera settings on every single photo included in this guide!

Photography level: Beginner
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 (Previously Titled: Walk Me Through a Wedding)

  • A 124-page guide that walks you through the basics of wedding photography.
    Topics Covered:
    • Introduction
    • How to prepare for a wedding
    • What to bring to a wedding
    • How to shoot a wedding
    • Information about settings
    • Finding Clients
    • Advertising
    • Correspondence: What to say to a client
    • The Consult: What to discuss in the consults
    • The Engagement Session
    • The Wedding Day
    • Getting Ready
    • The Ceremony
    • Family Formals
    • Bridal Party Formals
    • The Love Story
    • The Reception
    • Photo Booths
    • Post Processing/Editing
    • Sneak Peeks
    • Blogging
    • Second Shooters
    • Timeline of Must-Have Shots
    There is also an FAQ where the girls answer the following questions:
    • If the parents are paying for the wedding, are they your main contact?
    • Do you ever do bridal shows?
    • What do you do if they reschedule?
    • Do you book engagement sessions and the wedding as a package?
    • What if there is a videographer? How do you deal with videographers putting their work first and not allowing you to get all the shots you want?
    • What do you wear to a wedding?
    • What kind of flash do you use?
    • What do you do if a bride has a meltdown?
    • What is something you still need to work on/improve on?
    • How often do you switch out lenses throughout the wedding day?
    • What was the most difficult situation to deal with at a wedding so far?
    • What is something you wish you knew when you started out?
    • What if a guest asks you to take pictures with their phone/ you do it? What do you say?
    • What has improved your photos the most learning-wise?
    • Do you carpool to and from weddings or meet at the venue?
    • Do you have your cell phones with you throughout the day or leave them in the car?
    • What do you do if the lighting is bad in the church?
    • What if it is bad in the reception?
    • What if guests are taking pictures and they are interfering with your photos during the reception?
    • What if guests' flashes are interfering with your pictures?
    • If they offer drinks, do you drink?
    • What is the most forgotten/overlooked item to take to weddings as a photographer?
    • Do you show clients images as you are shooting?
    • Where do you stand to not get in the way of the guests?
    • What do you do if you notice someone tensing up or not acting real?
    • Do you go in on the conversation at the salon or do you stay quiet and just shoot?
    • Is there a time during the wedding when you do not take pictures?
    • How do you accept payment?
    • How do you send them the invoice?
    • How do you keep your clients organized?
    • What type of camera bag do you use at your weddings?
    • Besides camera equipment, what else do you take with you?
    • How much do you require for a deposit? Is it refundable?
    • When do you get the rest of the payment?
    • How many pictures do you tell your clients they will receive?
    • How many memory cards do you take? How many batteries?
    • Is it in the contract about feeding you?
    • Where do you get your: Albums, Printed DVDs, Keepsake DVD Cases, Canvas Wraps, Save the Dates, Ceremony Guest Books, Frames, Fine Art Prints, and Business Cards?
    We've also included BONUS information on photo booths, their setup, what they charge, and how to handle different "sticky" situations that may occur on the day of the wedding.
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    "I love, loved, love BP4Us "Walk Me Through A Wedding" guide. I'm shooting my first wedding for a friend and its helped reinforce what I know and calm my silly nerves =]" - Rachel B

    "I also have a wedding guide which I purchased because I'm shooting a cousin's wedding this summer and I had a lot of questions that the guide walked me through!!" - Cindy

    "I started out doing weddings 10 years ago for a few years and moved into studio work. I'm now back at weddings and needed this as a boost to get me back in the flow of things."

    "Quite frankly I don't know what I'd have done if this guide did not exist. I was approached by a friend asking if I'd photograph their friends wedding. Now I've only been to two low key weddings in my life, and way before I became a photographer, but I was itching to try, so fully explaining this to the bride, I accepted. This guide was my lifeline, it has every inch of what you need to know for covering the event, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It enabled me to produce photographs that I'm proud to associate with my work and call mine. The guide is easy to understand, but gives you the detail you simply cannot find anywhere else. A must have for people starting out without a shadow of a doubt." -Steph B
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