Newborn and Maternity Photography Prewritten Content Bundle: Prewritten Text for your Website, Newsletter, Emails + Blog!

This product was specifically created for newborn and maternity photographers. We took some of the most frequently asked questions and discussed topics in the newborn photography world and crafted prewritten text around them. You can copy and paste all of them in their entirety onto a Facebook post, a blog post, a newsletter, or an email. You can also take excerpts and post to Instagram and Facebook, as well.


To see sample text please go through the product photos.  

This product is a combination of all of our newborn and maternity content across a lot of different products in our store. 


This product includes content for the following topics:  

Newborn Text:

  • Choosing Your Photographer (190 words)
  • FAQ For Newborn Registries (139 words)
  • Heirlooms For Your Home (217 words)
  • More Tips For Success (129 words)
  • Newborn Checklist (144 words)
  • Newborn FAQ (791 words)
  • Newborn Photog Bios (865 words)
  • Newborn Photography Safety (360 words)
  • Newborn Pricing Intros (1030 words)
  • Newborn Registry (98 words)
  • Newborn Session Descriptions (272 words)
  • Now Offering Newborn Registry (117 words)
  • Preparing For Your Session - (160 words)
  • Remembering This Time (122 words)
  • Session Tips (459 words)
  • Ten Little Fingers…Ten Little Toes (93 words)
  • What actually happens at a newborn session? (372 words)
  • What To Expect (236 words)
  • What’s Your Style? (215 words)

Maternity & Milestone Text:

  • 6 Ideas For Your Gender Reveal Session (74 words)
  • Gender Reveal (247 words)
  • Baby Bump to Birthday/Maternity Session (211 words)
  • Maternity FAQ (333 words)
  • Maternity Session Intro (234 words)
  • Maternity Session Tips (444 words)
  • Milestone Photography (375 words)
  • Milestone Session Intro (374 words)
  • My Gown Closet - (191 words)
  • Preparing For The Maternity Session (113 words)
  • The VIP treatment (124 words)
  • Welcome (158 words)
  • What To Wear (284 words)
  • Why You Should Book A Maternity Session (241 words)


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      File type: Word Documents, PDF

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