Amy Cook Newborn and Milestone Course MEGA BUNDLE!

For BP4U fans ONLY! The ultimate Amy Cook Photography  MEGA bundle is here! We have combined her top 3 courses into one amazing product! 

We have bundled three great Amy Cook courses and have made them available for a great price. You will get Amy Cook Photography Newborn videos and E-Workbook, Newborn Photography Course + Videos, and Shooting the Milestone Course Videos and E-Workbook. Three great products all in one bundle from one of the best newborn photographers! Improve your photography with these three courses that covers everything from wrapping, posing, lighting to incorporating props, dealing with fussy babies and so much more. 

70 videos with over 7 hours of step by step instructions! 

See below to see what all you would receive! 

Not all poses shown.

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  • Amy Cook Photography Newborn videos and E-Workbook

    The guide is 154 pages and covers 18 poses with tons of images (not just of the final poses, but step by step behind the scenes goodness!) and 28 videos. It is in downloadable PDF format.
    Please note that videos are FLASH and will not play on certain mobile devices.
    1. First Contact: The Booking Process
    2. Baby Has Arrived - Now What?
    3. Tips for Breastfeeding Moms - What to Avoid
    4. Studio Preparation
    5. Amy's Complete List of Studio Must-Haves
    6. Lighting
    7. Anatomy and Safety
    8. Cues and Soothing
    9. Props
    10. Amy's Favorite Prop Vendors, Stores & More!
    11. The Poses
    12. Side Laying
    13. Tushie Up
    14. Front Facing - Folded Arms
    15. Front Facing - Hand on Face
    16. Front Facing - Stacked Hands
    17. Froggy/Chin in Hands
    18. Taco
    19. Womb Wrap V1
    20. Womb Wrap V2
    21. Flat on Back - "Just Chillin"
    22. Potato Sack
    23. Bucket/Basket Posing
    24. Basket Posing From Above
    25. Crate Posing - Wrapped Up
    26. Sibling Posing
    27. Posing with Mom
    28. Posing with Dad
    29. In Mom/Dad's Hands
    30. Swaddling
    31. Shooting Tips
    32. Photoshop Videos
    BONUS! Also includes a mini-guide on Amy's studio lighting set up!

    Newborn Photography Course + Videos

    The 60 page PDF guides you through a newborn session, while the videos (38 of them!) are in a separate folder for easy uploading to tablets and smart devices!

    Topics Covered in Workbook:

    1. Anatomy, Settling, Soothing
    2. Studio Setup & Prep, Parent Preparation
    3. Lighting
    4. Parent & Family Posing – including mom alone, dad alone, parents together, and whole family with 2 kids
    5. Sibling Posing – including rug, sitting up, and older sibs in a chair
    6. Potato Sack
    7. Prop Preparation Videos
    8. Swaddled in a Crate
    9. Bucket/Basket Posing
    10. Beanbag workflow
    11. Wrapping! Several variations covered
    12. Photoshop

    Topics Covered in Videos/Length of Videos:

    • Photoshop: 170 minutes
    • Prep (studio prep, prepping various props and the beanbag, etc): 50 minutes
    • Posing: 196 minutes

    Over 7 hours of video included within this course!

    Shooting the Milestone Course Videos and E-Workbook

    The e-workbook is 82 pages and includes 5 videos over 100 minutes of actual sessions. It is in downloadable PDF format.


    Please note that videos are FLASH and will not play on certain mobile devices.

    • Working IN a studio or a make-shift studio with natural or studio lighting
    • Using reflectors for clean even light
    • Using natural and studio light TOGETHER for clean, even light
    • Incorporating in props, or keeping it simple
    • The vendors I love to shop from most when buying props for milestone babies
    • When I schedule my milestone sessions and how I prepare parents for these sessions
    • Offering and booking First Year plans, how I designed my plans, and the pricing/thought process behind that
    • Taking these little ones outdoors
    • How to rock those sessions if you can’t shoot in the golden hour and how to rock them if you do!
    • Getting the most variety while keeping your images cohesive and true to your client, in the least amount of time
    • Rocking the mini session
    • Getting those elusive smiles, or playing up the babies that naturally smile a lot
    • How I deal with babies that are fussy
    1. First Year Plans/Milestone Pricing Structures
    2. Newborns- the 5 Main Beanbag Poses
    3. Rocking the Milestone Mini Session- Increasing Variety While Keeping Time Low & Baby Happy
    4. Milestone Sessions- 3, 6 and 9 month
    5. Props: My Favorite Prop Vendors!
    6. Studio, or Outdoors?
    7. Natural Light, Studio Light, or Both
    8. Baby Smiles, and Fussy Babies
    9. Parent Posing


    • Parent Posing Milestones
    • Milestones Setup Studio
    • ACP ONE Beanbag Flow- ALL IN ONE
    • 3 Month Baby Posing
    • 9 Month Baby Posing
  • AMY!!! I finally feel like a newborn togger!! I cant thank you enough!! :) My comparison is crazy!!! Thank you so much for all you have taught me so far!
    -Lindsey L

    This is incredible! I own your first newborn guide and have also worked with you in person- and all of the information you share with use just gets better and better. Thank you so much! -Renee J

    The online version of this course was amazing- I loved the "go at your own pace" flow! Having this PDF to keep and look back on is to me, invaluable. Thanks Amy! -Jen R
  • Questions? Email me! and I'll be happy to help!

    More info on this guide, click here.
  • This product will be digitally delivered to you after purchase.

    Software Requirements:

    iBooks, Acrobat Reader, or any PDF viewing software- since the videos are NOT embedded into the document itself, the software used to view it is much more flexible! Videos should be viewable on any device with your default video program.
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