Portrait Photography Prewritten Content Bundle: Prewritten Text for your Website, Newsletter, Emails + Blog!

This product was specifically created for portrait and family photographers. We took some of the most frequently asked questions and discussed topics in the portrait photography world and crafted prewritten text around them. You can copy and paste all of them in their entirety onto a Facebook post, a blog post, a newsletter, or an email. You can also take excerpts and post to Instagram and Facebook, as well.


To see sample text please go through the product photos.  

This product is a combination of all of our portrait content across a lot of different products in our store. 


This product includes content for the following topics:  

  • The Pre-Session Warm Up (360 words)
  • Why Bribery is OK During a Child’s Session (403 words)
  • 9 tips for preparing your child for their session (582 words) 
  • How to eliminate fake smiles during your session (302 words)
  • How much time do I really need for my session? (291 words)
  • The Art of Candid Child Photography (83 words)
  • Dressing for a Winter Family Session (151 words)
  • Dressing for a Fall Family Session (123 words)
  • Dressing for a Spring Family Session (126 words)
  • Tips for emotionally preparing your husband for your family session (308 words)
  • 6 Stress Relieving Tips to NOT Have a Mental Breakdown During Your Session (377 words)
  • 4 Items to Bring to Help Incorporate your Pet(s) in your Family Photos (221 words)
  • 7 Tips to take the stress out of picture day (478 words)
  • Where should I have my next family session? (154 words)
  • What To Bring To A Family Session (225 words)
  • Preparing For A Family Session (187 words)
  • Do Not Match, Coordinate Instead! (154 words)
  • About Me  (2117 words - 12 Different about me templates to pick from)
  • 5 Ways to Pump Up Your Kids For A Family Session! (264 words)
  • Why you should hire a professional photographer to do your events (399 words)
  • Why Hiring A Professional Photographer Is Important (455 words)
  • Referral Program  (160 words)
  • Why we prefer to schedule sessions around sunset (191 words)
  • Preparing For Your Session (275 words)
  • 7 Tips for Preparing for Your Winter Session (273 words)
  • 7 Tips for Preparing for Your Summer Session (357 words)
  • 7 Tips for Preparing for Your Spring Session (344 words)
  • 7 Tips for Preparing for Your Autumn Session (371 words)
  • How To Relax Before A Photo Shoot (244 words)
  • 11 Great Holiday Gift Ideas (119 words)
  • Give The Gift This Season Of A Photo Session (246 words)
  • Five Ways To Gift Your Professional Photos To A Loved One (264 words)
  • Choosing the best way to display photos in your home (333 words)
  • Choosing The Right Professional Photographer (267 words)
  • Choosing the perfect location for your session (216 words)
  • Location Ideas For Your Session (174 words)
  • Why You Should Book Your Studio Photography (216 Words)
  • Children Session Intro Text (241 words)
  • Family Session Intro Text (242 words)
  • What to know to make your session fun and easy! (Version 2- 270 words)
  • What To Wear: The Style Guide (338 words)
  • What to know to make your session fun and easy! (221 words)
  • Planning for success with a personal consultation (219 words)
  • What To Expect: A fun-filled family portrait session (227 words)
  • What To Wear: Guidance To Help You Get Your Look (349 words)
  • How It Works: A step-by-step guide to your family portrait process (325 words)
  • Your Ordering Session (182 words)
  • Print & Product Descriptions (320 words)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (436 words)
  • Thank you message: (202 words)
  • Photo Processing Timeline: (285 words)
  • How To Order Your Images: (298 words)
  • Custom Ordering Session: (74 words)
  • Print & Product Menu Descriptions: (468 words)
  • Accessing Your Online Gallery: (402 words)
  • Frequently Asked Questions After the Session Takes Place: (351 words)
  • Six Pointers for a Smooth Mini-Session (337 words)
  • Post Mini-Session: What Comes After (84 words)
  • How to Become a (insert studio) MINI VIP Client and Benefit With VIP Perks! (103 words)
  • Five Stylish Tips to Look Amazing in Your Mini-Session! (301 words)


     Don't have Word? You can import the Word files into Google Drive and customize in Google Docs. 

    File type: Word Documents, PDF

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