Real Estate Photography Course

Whether you are new to real estate photography, or a photographer looking to broaden your client base with real estate photography bookings, this course could help you get started in the right direction. In this course, I will share with others the basics of real estate photography to include equipment, photography, post-processing of images, marketing and more. I will share with you by video, notes and marketing examples what has helped me gain a solid footing in this industry. You will even see videos of me shooting a home so you can see step-by-step what I do in each room!

Quality real estate photography plays an important role in the sale of homes and other types of properties. Buyers have online access to listings and may very quickly make judgements on a property based on the images connected to the listing. While many brokers use their own cameras and even cell phones to photograph their listings, a professional photographer skilled in proper techniques can produce images that enhance the listings and likely bring more buyers and value to the home.

What's included in the 4 hours of video: 

  • Real Estate Photography Questions: Getting Started
  • Real Estate Photography Questions: Pricing
  • Real Estate Photography Questions: Shooting Tips
  • Real Estate Photography Questions: Editing
  • Real Estate Photo Session: Walk through a house with Karin as she shows you how she prepares and shoots a home!
  • Editing Real Estate Photos: Step by step instruction

That's not all! You'll also receive:

  • Sample Real Estate Photography Pricing Lists
  • Marketing Samples
  • Sample Galleries
  • Real Estate Photos that you can practice editing on
  • Tips and Tricks for Staging your Home Guide: You can give this to the brokers to give to their clients to help ease the photographing of their home.

The best part? You can watch all the videos at your own pace!

See below to see what questions Karin answers in this extensive video course!


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  • Topics Covered:
    • How did you get into real estate photography?
    • How many real estate sessions do you do a year?
    • Did you do any for free in the beginning to build your portfolio?
    • What are things you did in the beginning to advertise or market this niche of photography?
    • How did you get your first paying clients?
    • What did you do from there?
    • What are some mistakes that you made in the beginning that you would differently looking back on it?
    • If you shoot other niches of photography have you found that shooting real estate has opened up your reach to others that might have not otherwise heard about you?
    • Do you include any sort of marketing materials for the real estate businesses to hand out (closing goodie bags?) etc?
    • Are you in contract with any of the companies where all their brokers use you? If so, how did you land that deal?
    • What are some must-have’s in a real estate session contract?
    • What type of lenses are best for real estate?

    Getting Started Topics Covered:

    • How do you know what images you should take in a home?
    • How many images do you normally deliver to a client? Does it differ based on house size.
    • When you shoot the home is the broker present?
    • What do you wear to shoot this type of session?
    • How do you market to FSBO (for sale by owner) clients?
    • What are some marketing techniques you’ve used online and in person to gain more real estate sessions and clients?
    • How do you partner within your community to get the word out there about your business?
    • Does the Broker fill out any sort of information on photos they want to have?
    • What happens if you have bad weather and you can’t shoot the outside? What do you do?
    • What do you do if the homeowner is there and they are telling you what to take photos of?
    • What do you do if there are pets in the home and the homeowner does not put them up?
    • What if you don’t feel good as a photographer, and want to call in sick?
    • What happens if a Broker does not like the images? What do you do or what would you suggest?
    • What happens if a Broker hires you, you shoot the session and they have not paid the remaining amount but the house is taken off the market?
    • What are the common mistakes in real estate photography and how do you avoid them?

    Pricing Topics Covered:

    • How did you charge for your first real estate session? What was included?
    • How much do you charge now? What is included?
    • Do you offer packages or is it a set price?
    • How did you know it was time to increase your prices?
    • If you have increased your prices but a broker has used you before with the old prices how did you handle that situation?
    • Do you give a Broker a discount if they use you for every house?
    • Do you offer bulk package pricing (if they have a lot of houses they list every year, if they buy 20 house session credits they can get a certain percentage off etc)?
    • Do you charge a higher price for a larger home vs a smaller home vs an empty lot?
    • Do you have them pay a retainer or full price up front?

    Shooting Tips:

    • Other than your basic bag of gear, what else do you bring on shoots?
    • Do you use flash? If so, how and when would you use the flash?
    • Do you use a tripod? If yes, when throughout the shoot?
    • What images should you absolutely take in a real estate session?
    • Do you ever send the client a prep list on what their client should do to make sure their house is photo ready?
    • How do you get good exposure no matter what the lighting conditions?
    • Do you leave the lights on in the room, turn them off?
    • Do you move furniture for better images?
    • When you walk into a house what do you do to make the image better?
    • What if the house is messy?
    • What if you are photographing a non-show home - how do you make that home as attractive as possible in the images?
    • What if you have a SUPER small room - how would you photograph this?
    • What is the best day/time to shoot this session?
    • What do you do if the house you’re shooting isn’t furnished? How do you make this look attractive in the photos - do you shoot it differently?
    • Tips to shoot the outside?
    • How do you shoot a vacant lot for a Broker?
    • Do you ever include images of the surrounding area for the broker to use? Ie - nearby park, community pool, etc.
    • What are images you should avoid shooting?


    • What is the turnaround time for a real estate session?
    • What is your workflow process?
    • HDR and using composite images?
    • What if an agent asks you to make edits to a home that essentially change the home in some way?
    • Do you blog these sessions?
    • Do you watermark these photos when you give them to the Real Estate broker?

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