SEO 101 For Photographers

In this ultimate SEO guide for photographers, learn the secrets on how to enhance your photography website to outrank your competitors. Enrich your product pages and services so you appear on the first page of Google and gain more potential leads.


Topics Included:

  • SEO: An explanation
  • Why SEO is essential
  • How Google ranks your content
  • Understand the importance of writing good content with strategic embedded links
  • Why you need to use a fast website host
  • Developing an SEO content strategy - how to land in position one on Google
  • Creating a list of SEO tags to beat your competitors
  • Researching your customers and what you should look for
  • The essentials you must include on your About Us and Contact page
  • Track and measure your SEO progress
  • How to build your business and foot traffic offline using SEO tactics

File type: PDF


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