*BACK FROM THE ARCHIVES* Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance, Aperture.... SAY WHAT?!

This classic BP4U guide is back ladies and gents! I'm so excited to bring one of our original camera guides back from the archives. 

You have your new camera, you have some editing down but you're not quite sure what all the buttons/settings mean?

Let me break it down... this is the mother load of all ebooks. If you don't buy any of my ebooks but you want to learn your camera better, get this one. This is NOT, I repeat NOT for techies. If you're a techie, move on with it, because you will think I'm a complete moron if you read this.

I went to art school, paid a ton of money to basically learn nothing. One of the students explained some of the settings to me after I was about ready to quit and it was like an angel of photog world had just spoken to me... are you serious... I finally understood what ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture was all about? This is great!

Let me explain it to you in the way I understand with visuals to help you along the way. This is for the photog that shoots in available light, this is NOT a flash guide. That's a whole other subject. This is not a techy guide, just thought I'd throw that out there again. I don't use mumbo jumbo words that confuse you, you won't have to have google opened on your monitor so you can look up every other word every 5 seconds.

I would spend hours and hours reading books not understanding anything. I would read on forums where I couldn't ask anything because I felt like an idiot for not knowing and actually charging people to shoot them. Well... it's time that a ebook came out and explain it in a different way. 

If you have paid for workshops only to learn nothing about your camera... well... be prepared to learn something. AND we're gonna have a rockin' fun time while we do it!

Wanna get how to get it? This is just for you!

What is all this about? Iso, Shutter Speed etc.

  • When to change the settings?
  • How to shoot silhouettes?
  • What settings to use outside in sun, shade, cloudy day?
  • What settings to use inside?

PDF/Digital Version Only

What people are saying:

I have taken class after class on digital photography and purchased the Shutter Speed ISO...guide. By the time I was halfway through I understood more about my camera and how to get some of the shots I want than in all of my other classes. I also purchased the wedding, maternity, engagement, and kids guide. They're awesome! - Heather Davis

Just bought the "Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture, White Balance? " I'm taking a college course right now, and should have had this my first beginner class, and never even was offered the info. So hopefully, finally I'll get it!! - Tamara Motschenbacher

OMGosh, I can't believe this. I have had the hardest time understanding how Shutter Speed, Aperture work togather and how to get better pictures from it. I just got your Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, White Balance I wish I would have gotten it sooner. Thanks for making it click. 
-Annie B

I just wanted to let you know that you ISO, SS, AP Guide is wonderful!! Finally, someone telling you like it is in sensible terms. It's been 12 years since my college photo classes and even then we shot film. Over the years, I've had several digital cameras, including DSLRs, but never had the courage to take the dial off auto until recently. I've been reading and reading and reading blogs and forums and have learned a lot, but no one gives you "general rules", which are so helpful when you are starting out. For instances, tip of the 1/60 being your magic number. Hello!!!! That's what I have been looking for. I was like AH HA! Great rule of thumb!! I loved the entire guide and how you explain it all. I love your humor and the fact that you aren't a photo snob! 
-Stacy O

I am so going to stock up on MANY of your items in the store! I bought the camera settings book and has helped me improve SOOOO MUCH! -Crysta W

I just wanted to say. THANK YOU!!! I’M POSITIVE that you hear this from everyone!! But, I just caught myself laughing out loud at the office while reading your shutter, ISO guide….Bless you all for sharing your gift with the little photogs that want to grow up to be THE ULTIMATE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY! - Soledad M.

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