Spring Portrait Action Pack

Do you have spring photos? Are you dreaming of flowers, longer daylight hours, and April showers? (I am!!)

Friends, I have the action set for you! This is the BP4U Spring Portrait Action set! Oh yes, lets dream of spring together as we edit all our gorgeous spring photos with these actions that will add the perfect spring time touch to them! 

With actions that will work on both indoor and outdoor photos, you will just love using these 30 spring themed actions! They are 100% stackable, too, for all of you who hate to flatten layers!

All of our Photoshop Actions will work with ALL versions of Photoshop and Elements! (Photoshop CS 2-6, Photoshop CC and Elements 6-14 and up. Earlier versions have not been yet tested. Have a different version? Email us at bp4uguides@gmail.com to see how you can become a tester.) 

***EXTRA BONUS*** New for PSE, a Customize Layers action to ungroup layers for optimum control over the finished product of your image! Tweaking made easy! 


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  • 5 base actions- Bases 1-5 will be the perfect start to your workflow. Each base has an optional black and white layer so you can edit in color or B&W. These do it all! They sharpen, add a punch of awesome, and can be used alone or with a creative action!

    Next we have our creative actions to add over top of your base!

    Princess Pink- A pretty pink tone.

    Flower Garden- This is warm, pretty, and perfect for your creative spring edits!
    April Showers- This is a hazy yet warm action.

    Peaches and Cream- This is a creamy action with a hint of a peach tone!

    Ice-Cream Cone- This is a little magenta, a little cool (like ice-cream!)...and a little perfect!!

    Butterfly- This action is bursting with colors as beautiful as a butterfly's wings!
    Neapolitan- Add together a vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry layer for a beautiful finish!
    Spring Chicken- Even out tones and add a splash of awesome for this pretty action!
    Gardening- Lots of neutral tones to add an organic, earthly look to your photo!
    Buttermilk- A very creamy, bright action that is as smooth as buttermilk!
    Littles- A little bit of everything to add just what you need to your edit!
    Warm days- Add warmth to your photo quickly with this action!
    Cool days- Cool it down quickly with this action!
    Jelly Bean- With all the pretty colors in this action, it will be as pretty as a bag of jelly beans!
    Joyful- A gorgeous action that will add a hazey matte look you will love!

    Next, use one of our toppings to finish your photo off!!

    Deep Matte- Add a matte easily with the click of a button! There are 2 to choose from for all you action stacking fans....one for open layers and one for a flattened image so you can utilize your perfect workflow!

    Extra Rich Vignette- A deep, earthy vignette!

    Slight Vignette- Just a small vignette to add to your photos!
    Paint on more color- Add more color where you want it with this vivid action!
    Deeper Midtones- Add more contrast to your midtones with this action!
    Brighter Midtones- Brighten your midtones with this easy to use action!
    Shadow lifter- Brighten the shadows easily with this action!
    Highlight Reduction- Got highlights? Tame them down quickly with this action!
    Flatten your image- Just a shortcut to a flattened image!

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    "Love this action set! It gives my pictures that fresh, new look that's perfect for Spring!" -Whitney

    "I was very pleased with this action set. I liked how easy they were to use and how easily I was able to enhance my portraits. Just a few clicks of a button and my portraits looked amazing. Makes editing pictures faster!" -Tammy

    "Using BP4U’s Spring Portrait actions were the first time I used Photoshop for more than cloning. I found them easy to use and understand. I appreciated being able to control each action so I could increase or decrease the intensity." -Ashley

    "I love that each base action had a b&w layer to toggle on and off. It's like a double set of actions!" -Stacy

    "I really enjoyed playing with these actions & I cannot wait to spend more time practicing with them. I can already tell I have some new favorites! This set has some beautiful tones! I just love the Deep Matte & the vignettes!" - Wendy


    Photoshop CS 2-6 and Photoshop CC

    Photoshop Elements 11-13

    Photoshop Elements 6-10

    Action Tips

  • Will these work with Lightroom?

    This product will NOT work with any version of Lightroom. However, we do have a similar set of presets for Lightroom users. You can see those by clicking here: Spring Portrait Preset Pack. Please Note: The effects may be slightly different in Lightroom than they are in PS, as the transfer from programs doesn't offer an exact match.

    What versions of Photoshop are these actions compatible with?

    This action set is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS version 2 through 6, Photoshop CC and Elements 6 through 12!

    Will this product be shipped to me?

    This is available in digital version only.

    The link will be emailed directly to you once your payment has been processed.

    Please see our refund policy found here.

  • This product is subject to the copyright of BP4U – © BP4U 2010-2014. All rights reserved.

    Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents for any purpose is prohibited. This product was made for the purpose of personal use for professional photographers. It is not to be resold or redistributed for any purpose, including, but not limited to: sharing in workshops, lectures, or other classroom settings.

    If you'd like to use any of our products for the purpose of group education, please contact BP4U directly at bp4uguides@gmail.com to see our bulk rates.

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