Wedding and Engagement Photography Prewritten Content Bundle: Prewritten Text for your Website, Newsletter, Emails + Blog!

This product was specifically created for wedding and engagement photographers. We took some of the most frequently asked questions and discussed topics in the wedding photography world and crafted prewritten text around them. You can copy and paste all of them in their entirety onto a Facebook post, a blog post, a newsletter, or an email. You can also take excerpts and post to Instagram and Facebook, as well.


To see sample text please go through the product photos.  

This product is a combination of all of our wedding and engagement content across a lot of different products in our store. 


This product includes content for the following topics:  

Wedding Text: 

  • 5 Items To Check Off Your Wedding Photography Checklist (88 words)
  • 5 Mistakes That Can Make Your Wedding Run Late (388 words)
  • 6 Tips and Tricks For Your Wedding Day (217 words)
  • 10 Tips For Your Wedding Day (433 words)
  • Are First Looks Important? (365 words)
  • Booking Your Photographer (229 words)
  • Choosing Your Photographer (239 words)
  • Do I Need A Professional Makeup Artist (345 words)
  • Feeding Your Photographer On Your Wedding Day (296 words)
  • Helpful Photography Tips For Your Wedding Day (255 words)
  • How Many Hours Do I need (534 words)
  • Meaningful Connections To Your Wedding Day (90 words)
  • Must Have Shot List (155 words)
  • Not Having A First Look? (230 words)
  • Now Offering Wedding Registry (95 words)
  • Products That Create Lasting Memories (111 words)
  • Sneak Away Sessions (94 words)
  • Something Borrowed (59 words)
  • The Importance Of Having An Unplugged Wedding (385 words)
  • Time Buffers For Your Wedding Timeline (184 words)
  • Tips To Help You Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day (362 words)
  • Wedding Bios (1168 words)
  • Wedding Coverage (199 words)
  • Wedding Day Coverage Options (168 words)
  • Wedding FAQ (1036 words)
  • Wedding Photography Terminology 101 (770 words)
  • Wedding Pricing Intro (681 words)
  • Wedding Registry (92 words)
  • Wedding Registry FAQ (200 words)
  • Welcome (54 words)
  • What To Expect In Our Event Consult (154 words)
  • What We Catch On Your Big Day (421 words)
  • Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive (444 words)
  • Why It Is Important To Do A First Look Of Your Reception Area (107 words)
  • Why You Should Book Us To Shoot Your Wedding (422 words)
  • Why We Choose To Have A Second Photographer (395 words)
  • Why You Should Have Two Photographers On Your Wedding Day (361 words)
  • Your Investment (71 words)
  • Your Wedding Day Timeline (195 words)
  • Engagement Text:
  • Engagement FAQ - (168 words)
  • Find Your Engagement Style (253 words)
  • How The Process Works (115 words)
  • How To Coordinate Outfits For Your Engagement Session (386 words)
  • How To Have Hot Engagement Photos (392 words)
  • How To Mentally Prepare Your Fiance (505 words)
  • Ideas for Planning Your Engagement Session (354 words)
  • Incorporating Hobbies (222 words)
  • Proposal Services Available (201 words)
  • Save the Date Session Products (259 words)
  • Show Your Loved Ones How It All Began (128 words)
  • The Importance Of Timing Your Engagement Session (332 words)
  • PDA is Ok! (130 words)
  • Why Do An Engagement Session (201 words)
  • Why You Won’t Regret Doing An Engagement Session (319 words)

Elopement Text:

  • Say I Do Just Between the Two of You (149 words)
  • Five Things to Remember For Your Elopement (217 words)

Proposal Text:

  • Welcome (93 words)
  • Preparing The Magic (57 words)
  • Investment (38 words)

Wedding Team Text:

  • Wedding Pricing Intro (268 words)
  • Wedding Team Bio - (619 words)


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