Yearly Session Schedule Toolkit: A full year's worth of sessions and when to run them!

Do you need help when it comes to sessions with scheduling and workflow? Would you like to know what to do and when to do it? This session scheduling and workflow toolkit has everything a photographer needs to be prepared and organized! No second guessing when it comes to workflow and scheduling sessions. All the work is completely done for you! Staying organized and scheduling with this toolkit can be a breeze! 

What's included:

Yearly Session Schedule: Not sure what to promote and when to promote it? This session schedule timeline will help stay organized and jump start those ideas with what to promote and when to promote it. Each month has four weeks listed under it, each week has ideas of what to promote and post that week. Increase your organic reach and get a deeper connection with your client with the copy and paste interactive statuses that are included with the session schedule. Also included are ideas for topics to blog.

Niches Included:

o   Boudoir

o   Engagement & Wedding

o   Family & Children

o   Headshots

o   Maternity & Newborn

o   Pets

o   Senior

Days of the Week Themes: Each day of the week has ideas for different themes daily to help continuously post fresh content.

Cheat Sheets: Are you a photographer that needs help knowing when to announce your mini sessions? These cheat sheets will help you stay organized with announcing mini sessions monthly. Each Niche will include a cheat sheet with the type of session and the month to announce it. On top of the mini session cheat sheets there will also be regular session cheat sheets so you know when to announce regular sessions!

Mini Session Cheat Sheets included:

o   Boudoir Mini Session Cheat sheet

o   Engagement & Wedding Mini Session Cheat sheet

o   Family and Children Mini Session Cheat sheet

o   Headshot Mini Session Cheat sheet

o   Maternity & Newborn Mini Session Cheat sheet

o   Pet Mini Session Cheat sheet

o   Senior

Regular Session Cheat Sheets included:

o   Boudoir Mini Session Cheat sheet

o   Engagement & Wedding Session Cheat sheet

o   Family and Children Session Cheat sheet

o   Maternity & Newborn Session Cheat sheet

o   Senior

Session Cheat Sheet Checklists: Do you need help with session prep? Do you need help with what to do and when to do it? These session cheat sheet checklists are an essential when it comes to planning and scheduling mini sessions and regular sessions! The cheat sheet checklists are created with a timeline giving a specific timeframe for each thing that should be done in order to prepare and schedule sessions.

Session Cheat Sheet Checklists Included:

o   Mini Session Cheat Sheet Checklist

o   Regular Session Cheat Sheet Checklist

Workflow Charts: This product has everything needed to stay organized with sessions, weddings and social media. Stay organized with your client workflow to your social media workflow with these printable workflow charts.

Workflow Charts Included:

o   Sneak Peek Workflow Grid Chart

o   Mini Session Client Workflow Chart

o   Mini Session Workflow Grid Chart

o   Regular Session Client Workflow Chart

o   Regular Session Workflow Grid Chart

o   Facebook Workflow Chart for Regular Sessions

o   Facebook Workflow Chart for Mini Sessions

o   Facebook Workflow Chart for Weddings

o   Blog Workflow Chart for Regular Sessions

o   Blog Workflow Chart for Mini Sessions

o   Blog Workflow Chart for Weddings

Checklist: Need help on what to bring to sessions and weddings? These checklists have all the items needed so you never forget what to bring. There is even a checklist for what equipment to bring. Don’t stress out again on forgetting the things needed with these printable checklists.

Checklist included:

o   Equipment Checklist

o   Wedding Checklist

o   Engagement Session Checklist

o   Maternity Session Checklist

o   Newborn Session Checklist

o   Family / Children Session Checklist

Goal Charts: Set your goals and achieve them! Stay organized and keep track of your business goals are with these charts.

Goal Charts Included:

o   Yearly Goals Chart

o   Weekly Goals Chart

Planners: Stay organized all year with these printable planner pages.

Planners Included:

o   Yearly Planner

o   Weekly Planner

All forms in this product are documents. Photoshop isn’t needed to use this product. All forms can be printed.


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    Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents for any purpose is prohibited. This product was made for the purpose of educational use for professional photographers. It is not to be resold or redistributed for any purpose, including, but not limited to: sharing in workshops, lectures, or other classroom settings.

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