How To Build A 6 Figure Wedding Photography Business

How To Make 6 Figures in Your Wedding Photography Business - step by step!

Having trouble finding brides who are within your price range? Need help attracting higher paying clients? Not sure how to network with vendors? Want to grow your business to make the most profit possible?

This 226-page e-book covers all this and more!

This e-course is a collaboration between Elizabeth van der Bij of ENV Photography and Brooke Parra of BP4U Photographer Resources. These two know the all of the ins and outs of the wedding photography business. Both are seasoned pros with almost a decade experience each. They've seen it all and want to share with you what they've learned and how they grew their businesses.

This class is jam-packed with information every wedding photographer needs to know to run a successful business. It covers Building a Website to Attract Your Ideal Client, Blogging for Your Business, The Keys to Making the Most Profit from Your Business, Marketing, Networking, Social Media, Client Communication, Timeline Planning and SO much more! See the pink "What's Included" tab below for more details on what this course covers. 


7 Pre-written Blog Posts

  • Helpful Tips for Getting Ready for your Wedding Day
  • How much Time do I need for My photos at my Wedding
  • Still want to do an exit?
  • The Importance of an Unplugged Wedding
  • Vendor Blog Feature
  • What Nobody Tells You About The Receiving Line
  • Why You Should Have A First Look
Also Includes:
  • Must Have Wedding Shot List
  • Post-Wedding Questionnaire for Bride's Advice Blog Post
  • Questions for your FAQ Page
  • Vendor Questionnaire for Blog Feature
  • Wedding Questionnaire
That's not all! PLUS...
  • Second Shooter Application
  • Second Shooter Contract


Scroll down to see the topics we'll go over in this course!


  • This 226-page e-Course walks you through everything you need to know about the business of wedding photography.
    Finding Your Niche:
    • Where Are All the Brides?
    • Who is My Niche Client?

    Building a Website to Attract Your Ideal Client:

    • What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?
    • How to Attract Higher Paying Clients with Your Website
    • The Makings of a Great Website
    • Must-Have Wedding Shot List

    Blogging for Your Business:

    • The Importance of Blogging
    • What to Include in a Wedding Blog Post
    • Secrets to SEO Success
    • Running a Contest

    The Keys to Making the Most Profit from Your Business:

    • Building a Bride Email List
    • How to Run a Business with Associate Shooters
    • Why I Don’t Offer Refunds on Cancelled Weddings
    • Creating an Experience with Your Brand


    • Marketing 101
    • Model Calls
    • 8 Things Wedding Photographers Should Do When Wedding Season is Over


    • With Vendors
    • With Other Photographers
    • In Person and Online

    Client Communication:

    • Tips for Great Client Communication
    • 3 Must-Know Tips on How to Book a Bride through Email
    • How to Pull in a Dead Wedding Email Inquiry
    • Dealing with Rejection
    • Pre-Wedding Consultations

    Social Media Tips for:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
    • Google+


    • Don’t Get Discouraged!
    • What if Nobody is Booking in My Price Range?
    • When to Increase Your Prices
    • Incentives
    • Pricing Tips
    • How to Figure out Your Pricing
    • How Much Are You Really Making?
    • What is Your Time Worth?
    • How to Justify the Value of Your Wedding Packages
    • In-Person Sales
    Contract Essentials
    Timeline Planning

    Plus, answers to the following Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Do you have a referral program?
    • Do you do any marketing in print?
    • What has been the best way to market your wedding business in your area besides word of mouth?
    • Have you ever done anything with model calls?
    • Do you work with a makeup artist or do you leave that up to the bride?
    • How did you come up with your branding?
    • Did you ever second shoot to build your portfolio?
    • Do you offer any incentives to brides to book? I.E. sales, discounts, product incentives?
    • Do you have specific business insurance?
    • Was there ever a time where you were really glad you had a contract?
    • If there is a not a product included in a couple's package, do you ever go back to them and try to sell them that product?
    • Why does your pricing setup now work for you?
    • Did you ever do free bridal/couple sessions/or a wedding to build your portfolio?
    • What was the best decision that you’ve made when it comes to your business?
    • Do you offer sessions to past clients?
    • When you first started out, were you finding it easier to get weddings or couples?
    • How do you stay organized?
    • you ever shoot engagement couples prior to booking the wedding and them not book you for the wedding?
    • Have you ever moved your business to a new area?
    • Do you advertise online anywhere?
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    "I really loved the Q&A. Some really great comprehensive information inside. It even made me go immediately to my website and my wedding marketing magazine and make some changes! It made me rethink my pricing formulas. I've never heard of the associate photographer program but I LOVE IT! The bonus materials are great! I super duper love BP4U and all the incredible information you give! Thank you!!" - Stephanie

    "It's very informative with lots of information in one place and easy to read through it and refer back to it." - Ashleigh

    "I think the information provided was excellent. The one thing I like about this course is that the way it's written, it's as if someone is actually speaking to you. It's not written in a way where I have to go back and re-read something to understand it. It's like whoever wrote it was actually having a conversation with me. The product is great, it's definitely filled from top to bottom with useful information. It's an easy read. I received a lot of information that I hadn't even thought of, or knew that I plan to implement in my own business. Ok, maybe I shouldn't recommend this, because there's so many tips that I don't need someone else knowing some of this. ;)" - Amy

    "It is jam packed with a ton of information. Love it." - Ashlee

    "As soon as you start reading through you instantly feels like you are in good hands. Both Brooke and Beth gives a good introduction about themselves. The section about SEO is very helpful. It was always something I thought was very complicated, but now I have a good idea what keywords to use for great SEO website. I want to thank you both for sharing your tips and tricks with us. Thank you for sharing what you have learned over the years. I am hoping for a better future too :)" - Nauseen

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