Engagement Magazine Welcome Packet Template

This Engagement Magazine Welcome Packet Template is an absolute must-buy for any photographer who photographs engagement sessions! 

This Engagement Magazine Welcome Packet is essentially a brochure in magazine form that includes 8 pages of information about you and your studio. It features a biography page, why do an engagement session page, how the process works page, what to wear page, package information, and a FAQ page.

Not sure what to say? No problem! We have even included sample text so all you need to do is change out your studio name and basic information. We have taken care of the rest for you!

Oh, and get this: you can have this entire guide printed or send it out electronically. Printed versions are perfect for fair or festival booths, leaving around at local eateries or establishments or for mailing. The e-versions are also super convenient. Just attach the guide in an email to any potential client who has questions about your engagement services and watch your calendar fill up. 

These Templates are PSD files so that you can customize everything including color, the editable text sections and pictures to fit your studio.

This Welcome Guide makes a 10 page magazine (covers included).





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