240 Creative Prop Ideas for Photography Sessions!

Note from Brooke: You know what I love about this product? Do you ever get a client that asks, "Have any unique ideas for our upcoming session?" Literally, now you do! Copy and paste these ideas to send to your clients for a unique session experience.  Put these ideas in a welcome packet or on your site! 

We know you’re juggling a lot of things right now — those things being cameras (literally), clients, and a backlog of photos to process. To say you might be feeling overworked could be a bit of an understatement, which is why here at BP4U we’re all about lightening your load. And our newest product? Well, it does just that.

After many hours of brainstorming, we’ve created a very, very long list of 240 different prop suggestions that you can begin using in your upcoming sessions as soon as today. The idea isn’t to inundate your photo or detract from your subjects with the prop, but rather to seamlessly incorporate props that elevate your photography. Our prop guide helps you do that by listing categorizing the prop suggestions into 11 different photography niches. Each idea has a short explanation for how you can use the prop in your session, as well.

In addition to taking and using these prop ideas at face value, you can also let them inspire your own ideas, well. Because once those creative juices start flowing, it’s hard to turn off the nozzle! Another thing you can do with these ideas is copy and paste them into an email, onto your website, or into a pamphlet or brochure that you share with your clients. By sharing the prop ideas with them, you all can brainstorm together to devise the perfect shoot!

240 Creative Prop Ideas includes the following:

  • 25 Wedding Prop Ideas
  • 25 Engagement Session Prop Ideas
  • 20 Newborn Session Prop Ideas
  • 25 Maternity Session Prop Ideas
  • 20 Birth/Fresh 48 Session Prop Ideas
  • 25 Family Session Prop Ideas
  • 20 Kids Session Prop Ideas
  • 20 Senior Portraits Session Prop Ideas
  • 20 Boudoir Session Prop Ideas
  • 20 Studio Session Prop Ideas
  • 20 Pet Portrait Session Prop Ideas

     Scroll below to see samples! 

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    • Samples from all niches not shown.


      1. Flickering Candles: Candles add romantic ambiance to a dusk or evening engagement session. Try placing many in a variety of heights/shapes/sizes around a room or outdoor space, place a couple in the background, or on a table between the two lovebirds.
      2. Coffee Mugs: For a cozy-casual shoot, have him and her hold coffee cups while chatting or looking at each other. Shoot in or near a café, at home, or sitting on a stoop.
      3. Sundae: Having them share a sundae on a spring or summer day. Make sure it’s loaded with all the toppings and a cherry!
      4. Skincare Masks: Capture a cute image of them (ideally at the end of their session) both wearing a face mask on their couch. To keep it flattering and sweet, paint on a thin layer of a brightly hued mask with a skincare brush and shoot quickly before it dries.


      1. Packing Boxes or Sign That Spell Out: “Nursery Coming Soon”: Ideally you photograph this in the actual nursery, or perhaps outside with only the boxes and a natural backdrop. Have Mom or Dad sit on and around them, or put them in the corner with the parents in the foreground.
      2. Bicycle with a Tiny Tricycle Attached: Have Mom or Dad standing next to a bicycle (or a tandem one!) and attach a little tricycle to the back. Extra points if they’re colorful or have a vintage vibe.
      3. Vintage Stroller: Have Mom and/or Dad pose around the stroller. Vintage strollers tend to photograph more sweetly than modern versions, but trust your instincts!
      4. “Coming Soon” Sign: Go for a cinema theme with a sign that says, “Coming Soon.” You could even shoot at a movie theater. If you know how to pull strings, ask the theater to put up the sign for you on their marquee.


      1. Kite: Let’s go fly a kite! This prop looks especially good in distance or in landscape shots. Keep it simple and colorful versus over the top.
      2. Vintage Bed: If you’re willing and able, a vintage bed set outside under a tree or in the middle of a sprawling field would make for an epic family shot. You can also move this indoors for a “tucked in” feeling.
      3. Ice Cream Cones: A family that enjoys ice cream together is a family that’s about to have a really sweet (literally) photo session! Make sure you photograph the process of scooping or ordering the cones, too.
      4. Cotton Candy: Same idea as above, only whimsical, lightweight, pastel-hued cotton candy! Get some action shots of the family plucking it and devouring, as well.
      5. Paper Lanterns: If you shoot at dusk, have the family send paper lanterns into the sky, photographing the entire process along the way (including them looking up as they float away).


      1. Piñata: Think of the color, actionable shots, and looks of pure joy you’ll be able to capture with a piñata in tow!
      2. Old Polaroid Camera: Hand over an old polaroid camera and photograph what happens next! Make sure you explain what it is eventually, and snap some good ones of them “shooting.”
      3. Tire or Wooden Swing: Whether sitting or swinging, this is a great prop to elicit smiles and a sense of whimsy.
      4. Fishing Pole: Hit the pond with a pole, tackle, and bait and set yourself up for some great pictures. Feel free to add a “gone fishin’” sign into the mix, or a classic straw hat!

      There’s 223 more ideas where this came from! This product is such a timesaver. Even if you’ve done some of the ideas, this explains all the options in a professional way so you don’t have to!

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