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Don’t have time to brainstorm ideas for new sessions to offer? Don’t worry we have you covered! We’ve brainstormed 350+ session ideas for you! You can use these ideas for regular sessions or mini sessions. What is great about this session idea guide is each session includes a description that you can use as text in your client guides. Just copy and paste into your guide, it’s that easy!


What’s Included:

Adult Sessions

Boudoir Sessions

Children Sessions

Engagement Sessions

Family Sessions

First Birthday Sessions

Holiday Sessions

Maternity Sessions

Newborn Sessions

Senior/Teen Sessions

Wedding Sessions


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****Sample Session Ideas****

Adult Sessions

Blast from The Past Session

We will recreate a picture from your past. Whether it be a sentimental childhood picture from your past or one of those awkward funny pictures that you look at and wonder what were they thinking, and you just have to have another funny awkward picture in your life. Everyone now and then needs a little blast from their past.


Boudoir Sessions

Steampunk Session

Show your creative side with a fun steampunk session. Think of a session

inspired by Victorian era technology with a creative twist of mechanical fantasy.

Get into gear with a creative science fantasy steampunk inspired lingerie with a

Victorian era twist.


Children Sessions

Class of Session

Our class of session is a great session for children of any age, whether they are

three years old or ten years old. We will have your child hold a sign with the year

that they will graduate high school in. This picture is great to save for when they

do graduate high school to show a side by side comparison on how much they

have grown from that year to their graduation year.


Engagement Sessions

First Date Session

The first date will always be a special memory, now that you’re engaged, that

first date is an important part of your story. Recreate your first date for a

sentimental photo shoot.


Family Sessions

Vacation Reveal Session

Are you going on a special vacation? Can’t think of the perfect way to tell your kiddos about this speciaL MAGICAL vacation? We have the perfect solution for you! That’s right folks we are now offering vacation reveal sessions. Not sure what a vacation reveal session is? Think of a gender reveal for a maternity session, a vacation reveal session is very similar but instead of revealing it’s a boy or a girl you are revealing you’re going on a vacation! This session is for you to surprise your kiddos that they are going on a vacation.


First Birthday Sessions

Cereal Bath Session

A cereal bath session is a must for any one-year old that loves cereal. This unique session is a great alternative to a cake smash session. Let them have fun in a bath of their favorite cereal. A cereal bath session can be done in our toddler sized bathtub or in a wash tub.


Pro Tip: When offering any session that food is involved, check with the parents to make sure the child is able to eat that type of cereal and also check with the parents if the child has any food allergies.


Holiday Sessions

Ugly Sweater Session

Dress to impress and wear your best ugliest Christmas sweater for our annual ugly Christmas sweater session. There is even a prize for the ugliest sweater of the bunch and a prize for the ugliest sweater out of all the ugly sweater sessions.


Maternity Sessions

Big Brother or Big Sister Announcement Session

Being promoted to a big brother or big sister is truly a special occasion. We have

a session that fits the occasion. Our big brother or big sister announcement

session is the perfect way to announce there's a new little brother or sister

joining the family. Bring along a special shirt or sign announcing the big brother

or big sister promotion.



Newborn Sessions

100 Days Old Newborn Session

Can you believe it has been 100 days since your precious newborn was born? Turning 100 days old is a memorable milestone! Remember this milestone with a 100 days old newborn session. To make this session sentimental you can bring a personalized onesie, blanket, etc. with I’m 100 days old on it letting everyone know your new bundle of joy is now 100 days old.


Wedding Sessions

Asking Your Bridal Party to Be in Your Wedding Session

Are you thinking of doing something creative to ask your bridal party to be in

your wedding? This session is perfect for you to show off your creativity and to

capture your soon to be bridal party members reactions to being asked to be a

part of your big day.


Asking Your Bridal Party to Be in Your Wedding Session Ideas

1. Be My Best Man Session

2. Be My Bridesmaid Session

3. Be My Flower Girl Session

4. Be My Groomsman Session

5. Be My Maid of Honor Session

6. Be My Ring Bearer Session



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