200 Unique Location Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Sessions

Ever had a client say, "Have any ideas on where we can have our session?" Well now you have 200 ideas you can send over to them. It's really that easy, pick and choose the ones you like and put those ideas in an email and your done! Voila! I love how you can look through this and the creativity is instantly there!

See sample locations below!

If you’ve ever found yourself in a creative rut as a photography, the number one thing you can do to remove yourself is to step out of your comfort zone.


Those tried-and-true locations you’ve been using for years? They’re wonderful. They’re fabulous. They’ve given you some truly remarkable photos for your portfolio. And though we’d never urge you to retire them completely, we do stand by the idea that creative growth can only happen when you push yourself. One way to do that is to shoot somewhere new.

This guide is as straightforward as they come, but we’re positive you’ll find it to be a very giving fountain of inspiration. In it, we share 200 different location ideas for both indoor and outdoor photographs. Even if you’re exclusively an outdoor photographer, you’ll be able to use the indoor suggestions for rainy days (or as a way to change things up). Along with each suggestion, we’ve provided helpful tips and suggestions for making the most out of the locale.

You'll receive indoor and outdoor location photoshoot ideas. Everything you need to find a great photography location!

200 Unique Location Ideas includes the following:

  • A quick guide
  • 100 Location ideas for outdoors
  • 100 location ideas for indoors
  • Suggestions and tips for making the most of each location
  • Suggestions work for ALL niches of photography, though they’re especially ideal for families, couples, children, maternity, engagement, pets, seniors, and boudoir. (Essentially sessions where the photographer has more creative say regarding locale, which may not always be the case for birthing, fresh 48, or wedding).

Please note: This guide does not include images of the actual locations.

  • Sample Location Ideas:

    At an Outdoor Flea Market — You’re guaranteed to get some quirky shots at an outdoor flea market. Shoot in and around booths, next to large décor pieces/signs, and while interacting with trinkets and fun accessories.

    At a Boat Dock — Use the elements around you, such as stacked canoes or the worn wood, to craft a unique picture.

    At a Pool — Spring or summer sessions at the pool are bound to be a hit, and you can really play it up with the accessories. Try sunglasses, cute bathing suits, and giant pool floats!

    On a College Campus — These are often open to the public and the grounds are well taken care of, which makes for gorgeous images! You’ll find they’re less busy during campus-wide holidays and breaks (including summer vacation).

    On a Farm — If you can secure access, use the tractors and fields of crops as your backdrop. The expansive landscape feels simple, earthy, and really grounded. We love this for all kinds of sessions, including senior pics!

    At a Brewery — Same idea, only this is ideal for beer lovers. If you’re able to photograph near the fermenting kegs, it could make for some very cool industrial shots.

    At the Bowling Alley — The shoes, the ball, the nostalgia! This is great for families and couples and will deliver lots of authentic smiles and candid shots.

    On a Ski Lift — Whether it’s snowy or green outside, a ski lift offers the potential for unique images. Some resorts or cities provide inexpensive lift tickets for people who just want to “go for a ride” without the skis, but if your clients want to ski, as well, have at it!

    At Indoor Rock Climbing Gym — Sporty clients may dig the idea of shooting at an indoor rock climbing gym. We recommend this for families and couples, or even seniors who excel at climbing.

    Indoor Jump House/Bouncy House — Though this is obviously great for a children or family session, we think it’s pretty cute/romantic for an e-session, as well!

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