700 MORE Facebook Statuses for Your Business! Facebook Statuses 2.0

You loved our Growing Your Facebook Page and Group Made Easy and Statuses Made Easy, and now we’re back with almost double the statuses that were in the original! These are all BRAND new statuses so you can keep fresh content on your social media! Use these statuses on Facebook and Instagram! 

Like its forerunner, 720 More Facebook Statuses for Your Business is loaded with copy and paste statuses that save you precious time, boost your organic reach, and – perhaps most importantly – encourage interaction between you and your current and future clients! These statuses have been carefully crafted to help build rapport, strengthen your brand, improve your online presence, and make you money by booking more sessions.

All you have to do is copy and paste a status, fill in the blank where needed, and post to Facebook! You can even schedule posts for the upcoming months if you’re feeling like a go-getter! No more slaving away trying to figure out how to word your session preview, or worrying about the best way to engage your current and future clients into organic, genuine dialogue! We’ve done it all for you!

This product includes statuses for eight niches, each written specifically for the niche at hand.


  • Maternity
  • Birth & Fresh 48
  • Newborn
  • Engagement & Couples
  • Wedding
  • Family & Kids
  • Boudoir
  • Senior

Each niche has 90 statuses broken into these categories:

  • 25 Interactive Statuses
  • 15 Tip Statuses
  • 15 Preview Statuses
  • 15 Soft Sale Statuses
  • 5 Tag-a-Friend Statuses
  • 15 Self-Promotion Statuses

These statuses come as Word Documents. These can be opened on PC or Mac. Mac users the Word Docs will open with Pages. 


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How To Grow Your Facebook Business Page and Group Made Easy

See below for samples.

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    Remember there's over 90 per niche in this product!

    Not all statuses/prompts shown, just a few to give you an idea of what is included!

    Interactive Statuses:

    These statuses are intended to spark relevant dialogue with current and future clients. Some of the statuses are related to photography while others aren’t, but they all deal with your specific niche! For these, it’s incredibly important to engage with responders.

    1. Did you try to time your pregnancy with someone else? A friend or family member?
    2. In emojis/GIF only: how would you describe your pregnancy thus far?
    3. What’s one “beauty indulgence” that you treat yourself to on the regular?
    4. What’s your bridal shower theme? Tell us in the comments!
    5. In emoji’s/GIF only: what are your plans after graduating high school?
    6. Parents who have more than one child – how did your kid(s) react to your newborn?
    7. This should be fun. Anyone have any pictures on your phone that your kids accidentally/purposefully took? Let’s see ‘em!
    8. Is anyone thinking about renewing their vows? If so, how are you planning to do it? Will it just be you two?

    Tip Statuses:

    Tip statuses focus explicitly on your niche! Most of them deal with how to prepare for a session, when to book, what to where, photography delivery, and more. By sharing this “tidbit” guidance with your readers, you build rapport and they’re more likely to reach out to you now and in the future.

    1. My biggest piece of advice when it comes to choosing your maternity outfit is to wear something that’s form fitting over your bump! You want to show it off, not hide it! From there, wear whatever makes you feel beautiful!
    2. People often ask about the difference between Fresh 48 and birth sessions. Both take a candid, documentary approach, but birth sessions include taking pictures while you’re in labor. It’s more about the labor journey, while Fresh 48 is about the post-labor moments.
    3. You don’t have to go fully nude for a boudoir session! Some sexy options include wearing an oversized shirt, a sweater, an opened leather jacket, a teddy, a robe, or even a pinup outfit.
    4. If you’re curious about how the viewing and ordering process works, all your images will be uploaded on a viewing portal. From there, you can view all the images and choose your favorites for albums, prints, and more.
    5. Think about what parts of your high school experience meant the most to you, and find a way to incorporate that into your senior portraits! We can even do the session at a fast food place! If you can think it, we can do it!
    6. Not sure what to wear for your upcoming newborn session? I recommend soft knit clothing, non-busy prints, and nothing too baggy. Definitely keep it simple and comfortable.
    7. You don’t even have to leave your house to get your family portraits taken! Your home is a perfect place to capture the genuine bond between you and your kiddos.
    8. Did you know it’s customary to mail save-the-dates six to eight months before officially tying the knot?

    Session Preview Statuses:

    These statuses should include a relevant image from a recent session.

    1. I don’t think there was a single image where [name] wasn’t just glowing! She is positively radiant.
    2. Few things are as sweet as a mother’s first time holding her baby.
    3. The sexiest thing someone can wear? Self-confidence! ;)
    4. I love photographing all the little details at weddings. The cake topper, the buttons on the back of a wedding dress, the centerpieces, the socks worn by groomsmen – it’s all so fun!
    5. Don’t you just love a senior session that incorporates a set of wheels? This is the coolest car!
    6. I think I fell in love with this newborn twice – at the session and then while editing photos this week.
    7. One day your sweet babe fits snugly in your arms, and then three years go by in a flash and you can’t help but wonder where the time went! I’m so grateful to have been shooting this family from the beginning. I love watching them grow!
    8. I swear I did not pose these two for this image! THIS is the epitome of true love captured in a single image!

      Soft Sale Statuses:

      The goal with these statuses isn’t to host a sale, but rather to remind your clients of the quality work you do, and to make sure they know your availability. In that sense, they are “soft sales,” but they still effectively promote your business and encourage clients to book with you! (By the way, if you’re looking for “hard sales,” we’ve got those, too! Check out 300 Sales Statuses for Facebook and Instagram.)

      1. Are you planning a gender reveal party? We would love to be there and professional photograph the big reveal!
      2. Capturing the story of your child’s birth isn’t just my “job” – it’s what I’m passionate about. To inquire about rates and availability, check here: [link]
      3. Hey gang! Just an FYI that I have room for [number] more boudoir sessions next month! For availability, check here or call! [link]!
      4. Whether you’re all about that downtown urban vibe, earthy setting, or country chic, I’m ready to capture your special day. Check out my rates and availability here: [link]
      5. Hey seniors! Have you booked your senior portraits yet? You can include your images in your graduation announcements, and hand them out to friends and family.
      6. Our newborn and “Grow With Me” sessions make wonderful gifts for new parents! Consider going in as a group and presenting at the baby shower!
      7. I know it is beyond hot outside right now, so let’s take the fun indoors! Museums, libraries, my studio, your home – now is the time to book an indoor session! Let’s chat!
      8. Some people wonder if engagement sessions are even necessary. The choice is definitely yours, but they do come in handy for save-the-dates, engagement announcements, and simply for posterity!

      Tag a Friend Statuses:

      What better way to get more eyes on your Facebook business page than by having others tag their friends, family, and acquaintances? These statuses have been crafted carefully to promote genuine interaction and tags.

      1. Have a friend who’s just begun her pregnancy journey? Tag her here and share one piece of advice or words of love!
      2. If you had to describe you and your partner’s bond in three words, what would that be? Tag that person here to see if they agree!
      3. Tag a woman in your life who’s made an impressive or jaw-dropping transformation, and share one or two reasons why she inspires you!
      4. Tag a friend or family member who’s been there for you throughout the wedding planning process! Virtual high fives and hugs for all!

      5. We’re looking for high school juniors and seniors for our senior rep program (LOTS of perks). Tag a friend or parent whose son/daughter may be a good fit!
      6. Let’s give some love to all the mommas out there who work hard and love hard every single day. Tag them and share a picture!
      7. Can we get a little tag/love action going for amazing aunts and uncles? Share a picture of your kiddo(s) and aunt/uncle if you have one!
      8. Who’s the most recent person on your friends list that got engaged? Tag them here with a gif that sums up your friendship!

      Self-Promotion Statuses:

      These statuses are meant to be posted on your public Facebook page as a way to direct traffic to your website, social media pages, review sites, and even your private Facebook group. It also helps to strengthen your brand – as well as your Internet presence – by sharing awards, positive reviews, and more. Note that these 15 statuses are identical for every niche.

      1. [Your studio] relies on public reviews to generate business! If we’ve worked together and you loved your experience, would you mind taking a couple minutes to leave us some feedback on Yelp? [link to your page]
      2. To keep my Facebook page current and bolster our standing, it’s important to be reviewed on the regular! If you have a moment and you enjoyed working with me, I’d be grateful for your review!
      3. GOOD NEWS! [Your Studio] is up for [award] at [outlet]! Spare a minute to vote? [link]
      4. We’re competing for a place as the best maternity photographer in [city/state/region] and we need your help! Vote here: [link]
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