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Do you own a photography business? Don't have the budget to hire a social media expert to help you with your marketing? We're here to help! We've combined our top-selling social media products into one collection for one low price! See the pink 'What's Included' tab below for more details.


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    Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Posts + Blog Forms

    Marketing Graphics for Photographers for Email and Facebook

    Facebook Statuses Made Easy!

    Sale Graphics for Photographers for Email and Facebook Marketing

    Photographer Emails Made Easy!

    Ultimate Wedding Workflow Email Templates

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    Photographer Emails Made Easy!:

    "I think the templates are great! These would be especially helpful for those newer in the business, those who have a difficult time with writing and properly wording business emails, and well, everyone in general :) As someone who always need a few more hours in every day, these templates are perfect for sending off to clients." - Niki

    "Just gotta say that I bought this yesterday and took a few to just look through everything and it looks like a real time and worry saver! I don't ever want to have to send some of the "hard" emails, but I know I eventually will and now I will feel a whole lot more confident about what I'm going to say." - Megan

    "I really love the contracts and email templates, they have been making my life so much easier. I have found a company here that offers quality products at affordable pricing, and I will continue to purchase from here!!!" - Billie

    "I Love the email templates. I have them all and it makes answering clients questions so fast and easy!" - Allison

    "My favorite product is Emails Made easy. No need to compose emails all the time. Just use the templates!" - Studio 9 Photography

    "These email templates saved me sooo much time." - Little Fredericksburg Photography

    "I love your Emails Made Easy ! I hate writing so this has cut my time down by so much." - Nadia

    "I like Emails Made Easy because I've always struggled with writing emails." - Tessa

    "Emails Made Easy ... I don't have to struggle with what to say - I just customize as appropriate!" - Dave

    "Email temples have been a huge help giving a speedy and professional response to clients." - Tiffany

    “Love the Email lists! I'm no longer sitting and thinking of what I need to put in. I've even customized and saved each one!!” -Laura

    “I love the email templates. it helps with my communication to my customers. Sometimes i just dont know what to say.” - Jax

    “I found the emails were laid out great, they came within minutes of ordering! I love it all!”

    "Emails made easy is my favorite product! - Just because of what it says - makes it easy Takes the hard work thinking about what to write each time and streamlines business!"

    "My most recent purchase is "emails made easy" and it has saved me a huge amount of time!! :)" - Natalia

    "This product has really helped in how I deal with my clients!" -Ruth

    "Fantastic product!" -Nicole

    "Emails made easy..helps with the day to day flow of responding and marketing to clients." -Ron

    "Emails made easy because they save a lot of time! Why invent the wheel when the wheel has already been invented. It's also great because you don't have to worry about important stuff accidentally getting left out!" -PB Photography

    "Emails Made Easy takes the pressure off of me having to come up with replies to difficult clients/situations!" -Natalie

    Blogging Made Easy!:

    "BEAUTIFUL!! Time & Lifesaver!! PERFECT!! Until reading this I was dreading blogging because of the time and hassle, but now I think I might have to. I feel that everything was covered quite well! The wording was phenomenal and templates were perfect! I don't think you skipped a beat!!" - Arista

    "Blogging Made Easy - I love the questionnaires to send to clients. It makes it super easy to write posts." - Jennifer

    "I love Blogging Made Easy! I hate writing so this has cut my time down by so much to just be able to copy and paste and use my clients own words to describe their sessions." - Nadia

    "Blogging Made Easy is my favorite because I always struggled with words for blog posts. This has helped out tremendously!" - Colin

    "Blogging Made Easy is really great! It was helpful starting out my blog." - Lindsay

    "I am absolutely loving the blog templates! I love being able to just give a questionaire to a client and use that to fill in the blanks!" - Rose

    "I love having a way to blog about the experience from the client's perspective. It makes it a lot more interesting to readers."

    "Blogging Made Easy templates have been my favorite because they have saved me a large amount of time and just made my blogging, easy! :-) love them, thank you!" - Danielle

    ‘I think the blogging made easy is going to be my favorite, just got it yesterday and they are fabulous!!”

    "Blogging Made Easy! I love the pre-written questionnaires to send to clients." -Sydney

    "This book provides all of the prewritten blogs that I need to expose my company and give it a bigger look at the same time. Most photographers just dump your photos in a secured gallery and that is it. I think blogging helps show customers that you appreciate them." - Jason

    "Love the blogging made easy! I struggle with blogging and this has helped me tremendously!" –Marjie

    Marketing Made Easy!:

    "Thank you so much for the new marketing templates! I'm learning my way around the marketing side of this business and you've just made my life so much easier!!! The templates have everything I need! LOVE THEM!!!" - Mae

    "Wow! I can't believe how easy these are! So excited to use them for my business! Thank you!!" - Carol

    "Purchased and absolutely love many of your products, including this one! Thank you!" - Dawn

    "So buying this! Your marketing templates have done so many wonders for my business!" - Alizia

    "My favorite product is the Marketing Templates. They have made my life so much easier and saved me a TON of time." -Natalie

    "The marketing templates and guides are my favorite because I'm not a very good writer and these fill in the gaps perfectly." -Anoop

    "The marketing templates are amazing. They make me look so professional as a photographer and saves me lots of time. They give the client something to look back on when they have questions instead of emailing or calling me."

    "I love all of the marketing products!" -Maria

    "These help to speed up my work without having to create them myself." -Mary

    Facebook Statuses Made Easy!:

    "I've just purchased your Facebook Made Easy collection and after just one weekend my Facebook traffic is up by 30.5% and I am getting double the amount of enquiry leads. In one weekend this has already paid for it self. Thank you!" - Natasha

    "I purchased it as well!! I've only just started to read through it and I'm already blown away! I know it is going to help me so much!!! This is seriously a must for any photographer with a business!" - Sarah

    "I wish I had this tool for my business years ago...It would have saved me SO much time and stress! If you’re looking to step up your Facebook game, this is THE one product you must have!" - Brooke Bustillos

    Ultimate Wedding Workflow Email Templates:

    "I recently purchased the Ultimate Wedding Workflow Templates and I have to say that the design and process that Brooke has created makes it easier to set up my e-mails and scheduling for the clients so much easier. It's going to make the administration of my business work much more smoothly. On top of that, when I had a question, Brooke was right there to help me out and give me the right wording for a follow-up. I highly recommend Brooke and her templates! Thanks so much."- Gail

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  • This product is subject to the copyright of BP4U – © BP4U 2010-2014. All rights reserved.

    Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents for any purpose is prohibited. This product was made for the purpose of educational use for professional photographers. It is not to be resold or redistributed for any purpose, including, but not limited to: sharing in workshops, lectures, or other classroom settings.

    You can, however, sell your final flattened product for use as marketing materials for your business. You cannot use this product to give or sell to other photographers in a workshop or offer to make products for other photographers using our designs.

    It is against copyright law for you to use - in digital or in print - or distribute this template with any of the photos provided as examples.

    You may not transmit or store the content, in whole or in part, to any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. Please follow copyright law.

    This product can only be used by the photographer who purchased it. Do not share or resell this item. Do not claim this, or any of our designs, as your own.

    BP4U is not responsible for printing errors. We only provide the template, we do not print the product, so any printing errors need to be taken up with the lab that you print them with.


    If you'd like to use any of our products for the purpose of group education, please contact BP4U directly at to see our bulk rates.

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