How to Take Better Children Portraits

(Previously Titled: The Pro's Guide to Children & Sibling Photography)

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Children -- as adorable and amazing and wonderful as they are -- are not always the easiest clients to photograph. Some are shy, some are fussy and some love to squirm and move around. 

Getting a genuine expression out of them? Well, it’s not exactly easy as pie. It's more like preparing a fancy soufflé from scratch and crossing your fingers as you watch it grow in the oven, hoping everything goes as planned.

Don't just sit back. BE PROACTIVE. Learn more and forever educate yourself!

We're here to help you do just that with our How to Take Better Children Portraits, a BP4U collaboration with renowned child photographer Ashley Hempel. Miss Hempel has arguably taken some of the most striking, heart-rending photographs of children in the biz and she knows. Her. Stuff.

Four reasons you NEED How to Take Better Children Portraits.

  1. It features over 90 beautifully designed pages with thoughts and expert advice straight from Ashley Hempel’s mouth, someone who’s photographed children for years, now.
  2. You’ll learn how to deal with everything from fussy and uncooperative children to posing them beautifully (by themselves, with siblings and with parents). Ashley even covers styling your session and walks you through her post-processing.
  3. You’ll learn how to work better with not only the kiddos you photograph, but with their parents. Ashley talks about everything from marketing to parents to using them to your advantage during your shoot. She also talks about more sensitive topics, such as parents who may interfere with your session.
  4. Ashley Hempel's guide will have you walking away feeling moved, inspired and ready to up the ante when it comes to your children and sibling photography.
  • Topics Covered:

    • 92 Page Posing Guide
    • 50 Digital Posing Cards (Printer and Mobile Friendly)
    • Equipment
    • Styling Your Session
    • Finding the Beauty around You - Location, Lighting, Lines and Composition
    • How to Deal with Uncooperative Children
    • How to Connect with Your Client
    • Posing Tips for photographing in natural light:
      • Posing an Individual Child
      • Posing with Siblings
      • Posing with Parents
    • Tips to Get a Smile
    • Must Have Shots
    • How to Set Up Different Scenes, including: bubble bath, cake smash, and more!
    • Post-Processing - before & after transformations
    • Pricing
    • Balancing Family and Business

    Also includes answers to these questions!

    • When you photograph children individually, what are the parents doing during the session?
    • What do you do when you have an overbearing parent?
    • Do you photograph mini sessions?
    • How long do your average sessions last?
    • What mistakes have you made in your company?
    • If you had to do it all over again, what would you have done differently?
    • Do you have set business hours?
    • Do you do sessions during the winter?
    • What types of questions do you ask the parents during your pre-session consult?
    • What equipment did you use when you were first starting out?
    • How much did you charge when you first started charging?
    • How did you find your target market?
    • How did you come up with your branding?
    • How far in advance do you book your sessions?
    • Do you offer milestone sessions?
    • Do you do any networking with other businesses?
    • How did you grow your brand?
    • What do you wear to your sessions?
    • How many photos do you take versus how many the clients receive?
    • How long does it take you to edit?
    • How do you find your locations?
    • Do you tell your clients to send you photos of their outfits before the session so you can properly plan a location to match?
    • Which print lab do you use?
    • What is your turnaround time to get the images to the client?
    • When did you know it was time to increase your prices?
    • What kind of computer do you use?
    • How do you calibrate your monitor? How often?
    • Do you use Lightroom or Photoshop?
    • How many photos do you put on Facebook of each session?
    • How do you work with the child's schedule but still get good lighting?
    • How did you build your fan base on Facebook?
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    "This is a really, really beautiful guide and I love Ashley's style and approach! I felt inspired to photograph children and that's not even my specialty AT ALL!" - Wendy G.

    "Ashley captures the magic of childhood in a way that you rarely see in other child photography. She steps inside their world and harnesses the essence of childhood. You can really tell that she’s connected to her clients and enjoys the work she does when you look at her images. This guide reminded me why I started photography to begin with and rejuvenated my photog soul." - Charley

    "I would definitely recommend this guide, it was a good read, and I believe it could be a go-to guide for all, beginners, budding professionals and veterans as well." -- Tina

    "Love it! It is a very insightful read. The troublesome children chapter is excellent." -- Sarah

  • PDF/Digital version only - The link will be emailed directly to you once your payment has been processed.
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    Are these posing cards printable?

    Yes. We include digital files in both high and low resolution - high res for printing and low res for mobile devices. These will print these off as a 3x5. Many of our clients will print these off, punch a hole in them, put a ring on them and put them in their camera bag. Makes a great way to get out of a bind if you're having a brain freeze during a session. Need help loading your posing cards to your iPhone/iPad/iPod? Click here for a tutorial.

    Can I print this guide?

    Yes, you most certainly can! If you'd prefer to read your guide in print instead of digitally, feel free to print this guide for your own personal use.

    I keep getting errors when I try downloading the guides. How can I fix this?

    No problem. Try copying/pasting the link into a new tab. If that doesn't work, try using a different internet browser. (I.E. if you're using Internet Explorer try switching to Safari or Google Chrome to download the links)

    Please see our refund policy found here.

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