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I've been getting questions on our fb page about what my posing guides are all about. Here's a little sneak peak about what you'll get when you order them! :)

30 fab bride and groom poses

(that uncle bob won't take)

Topics Covered:


  •  How to pose
  •  Get them to get it
  •  Shot Details


30 fab poses includes a detailed guide plus 30, 4x6 digital files (printer friendly) of the pose with a brief how to description. For our green clients you can upload the 4x6 jpegs to your cell phone or IPAD so no trees are wasted! GO GREEN.

Ever get in a slump when you're shooting a couple and just don't know what to do next... check out these latest poses to get you out of your funk.


Sample 4x6 fab cardOh how I love this pose! It's probably my fav. Although it's a little tricky to set up...once you get the hang of it - you will be good to go in NO TIME. Start with the bride facing you then have the groom get behind her.

I say "hug her from the back." Then once he does that have him angle around her so that he's not directly behind her but hugging her more from the side.

This is an uber lovey pose so I normally prefer eyes closed with him whispering something either uber funny to make her laugh or super sweet to make her "awe." Have bride looking down chin pointed towards the shoulder closest to the groom.

Tips to relax couple in this pose:

Tell groom to make her laugh... I'd say something like.. "uhhuh you know you want to tell her what you're doing tonight" or... "come on you always hold each other like this..."

Sometimes you don't even need the groom to say anything, you just act crazy and they will end up smiling/laughing.

Shot Details:

Canon 5D, 70-200/2.8,  f/3.2, 1/1600, ISO 500

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Let's go shoot some people,



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Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer

August 11, 2012

I realised that a lot of couples love this pose too :). Great photo anyway! Being natural is the key to pose for great photos :)

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