Did you hear? It's Two Dollar Tuesday!

$2 Tuesday | 24 hour sale!

We fully realize that it's definitely not Tuesday but we thought that title just had a little ring to it! :) Once a month we will pick a random day and put a HUGE, we are talking GIGANTIC discount on one of our guides. See below for which guide it is!

Not sure if wedding photography is for you?

Today we are putting "The Photographer's Guide to Second Shooting a Wedding" on sale for $2! Yes, you read that correctly!

Not sure if wedding photography is for you? This 87 page guide is the guide to read.

Who is this guide for?

  • Wedding Photography studios looking to hire second shooters
  • Photographers looking to get into wedding photography by second shooting

Are you not sure if wedding photography is for you? Are you interested in learning about becoming a second shooter but have no idea what that entails? If you have these questions, this guide is for you!

Do you already shoot weddings and are thinking about adding a second shooter to your team? Not sure what to tell them and how to lay it all out in a way they will understand? This guide is also for you!

This guide is essential for any wedding photography studio. If you are thinking about hiring second shooters, this guide is the perfect tool to send to them to let them know the expectations and roles of a second shooter. We’ve also made it easier with some great applications and questionnaires to send to them as well!

Use code dollar at checkout to get it for $2!

See what all is covered in this guide by clicking here!

Click here to get the guide for $2 | Use code DOLLAR

What other photogs are sayin' about this guide:

"I gave my second shooter this guide to read before she ever started helping with weddings. She's done two weddings with me this month and is a total rock star! She is always aware of her surroundings and never getting in my shot. She double shoots everything, but from another perspective, so they are completely different images instead of a bunch of duplicates. I'm really impressed by how awesome she is. She told me that she learned so much from this guide. I was really nervous about hiring a second shooter because I thought we'd always be bumping into each other and it'd be more hassle than help, but it's amazing.." Anne

"I'm a newbie trying to figure out what area of photography I want to pursue. I thought that I would give weddings a try. I purchased the second shooter guide before my first wedding and it is full of so much information! Even before the wedding day came, I was completely prepared and knew exactly what to do. It gave me confidence in knowing my place. The lead photographer said that she would love to have me second shoot for her again because I was so helpful. I really enjoyed this wedding and can't wait for the next. :)" Jennifer

"As a long time wedding photographer, I've never had such a great second shooter as the one that I recently hired. I asked him how many weddings he had done before and he said that it was his first. I was blown away. I told him that I thought he'd been in the business for a while and asked him how he knew what he was supposed to do because I gave him very little direction. He was so professional and on top of things. He told me about this guide, and I just purchased it for my company to send to all of my second shooters from here on out. It even has questionnaires and sample e-mails. So great! Thanks BP4U!" Alexandra

Click here to get the guide for $2 | Use code DOLLAR

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