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Did you hear? It's Two Dollar Tuesday!

Kelly Moore Bag Giveaway Winner Selected!

BP4U got a makeover! :D

BP4U's 2012 Best Senior Photographer Contest Winners!

Which would you recommend: EOS 70D or EOS 60D?

How do I make Promotional Packages?

How long do I leave private online galleries open?

How do those of you that do not have a formal studio organize and store your props?

Does anyone have any good tips on charity sessions?

What is the best tripod for the Nikon D80?

What are some good workshops/conventions you've been to?

What company would you recommend to order quality prints from?

What are the most important shots to take at weddings?

Which lenses would you recommend to have on hand for weddings?

Where do you start when shooting a wedding?

How does the facebook pages App work?

Do you save your files in JPEG or TIFF?

How can I save a picture file that has been Photoshop edited as a JPEG?

Which guides would you recommend for CS6?

Which program is the best to edit in?

Does anyone use Lightroom without using Photoshop?

How do I use layers and masking in pse 10?

How would I go about getting involved in wildlife photography?

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