Is your website annoying?

You know what's not annoying? Blue puffalicious clouds! MAN I love me some clouds!I've been on a mission lately, to make my site better.

My portfolio site, is a template, gag, I know. Here I am talking about annoying and I have a freakin' template site as my portfolio. sigh....

BUT I started keeping a list of everything that annoyed me to no end about other sites, so that i made sure to not do this on mine.

The result, interesting.

Here was my list:

1. Too much crap on the home page/ CLUTTER CENTRAL.

2. Text so tiny, a 25 year old would need bifocals to interpret it.

3. MUSIC. For the love of God, music on sites. REALLY. I like Lady Gaga, unless you're playing Born This Way on your site, turn that shiz off. One it slows it down, two, i mean I thought everyone listened to youtube, Itunes, or their huge array of illegal downloads while they are surfing the net?! (EEK, sorry tangent) - moving on.

4. Speed. If it doesn't download immediately, i leave. I'm more inpatient than my 3 year old. Issue.

5. Contact info. Oh my gah, I was on a certain merchant site and was trying to find a phone number. I literally thought I was going to throw my computer out the window. I just wanted to call them to answer a simple question.

Instead, I was on a massive search hunt for the # sifting thru FAQ's of "did this article answer your question,"

NO. THE article didn't answer my question, what would answer my question is your voice on the other end of my mobile device. (whew, hot subject right there) - moving on.

6. PRICING. GEEEEEEZ. I was trying to find a price for a freakin' 4x6 the other day at a national lab. I literally could not find it. Searched for the price with the company name in google. Still couldn't find it.

This wasn't a professional lab this was a lab for normal people and I know for sure if I can't find the pricing, how the heck would my mother be able to do it. PROBLEMO.

7. Captcha's. If you don't know what those are, those are those annoying little anti robot letters you have to fill out to submit a form online.  You know they seem to be in some arcaic heiroglyphic language that Satan himself created these to torment us surfers on a daily basis. WHY WHY WHY. I mean i get why, but i seriously start to think I'm in delusion land everytime I have to fill one of those out.










So there are all the problems that I found and some of the things that I found to be annoying.

The irony in that list... according to that list, my site is one of the most annoying sites on the world wide web. AHHHHH. Do I have music on here? No. Is my pricing buried, where they have to sign up for it. Yes. AHHHH, I debate, have it online, don't have it online.

One month I might put it up, but then I freak out and I'm like holy crap I'm not going to sell anything. Even though I know I will, but WHY do I freak myself out. I don't know why I do it, but when I figure that out I'll let you know!

Point is, even though I know some of these things are annoying, I still doubt, so I still do them. I wonder what difference it would make if i tried harder to be less "annoying" according to my list... I'm wondering how that would affect my sales. Just might be worth a shot.

For the record, I suck at grammar & spelling and I overuse !!!! and make up words so I practically speak my own language that only I understand half the time... so that will probably be on some of your "this shiz is annoying when sites/blogs do it list.." so I apologize in advance.

I also am offering up another apology because that probably won't change much, but I will make an effort to work on the excessive use of !!!!!!!. :)

let's go and shoot some people,



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