Posing Tip for Bride and Groom

If you can't ever remember any bride and groom poses, remember this one.

The walking pose.

Simply have your bride and groom walk towards you. Have them look at each other.

Make sure they shake it out and relax their shoulders. Tell them to talk to each other. Normally, they are like ughhh.. what do we talk about?

Then they end up smiling and laughing from the awkwardness of the situation.

I don't give direction on the bouquet here because I want it to look more natural and less posey.

I probably have them walk back and forth in different areas 3 or 4 times depending on time constraints.

Want to get funky with it, get that shot from the back. LOVE to do this when she has a train, gives it a funky cool feel!

This is when you can get creative with the angles and it is always a big fav!

*Note: I love the walking pose, you know when I love it more? When it's candid. Watch for this moment at the wedding, it almost always happens when you have them walk in front of you. 


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