Sample 2 | 30 fab tips for posing bride & grooms

Sample 2 | 30 fab tips for posing bride & grooms

Sample 4x6 fab cardThis is more for the urban bride. Find a garage door.... Tell the couple that they will be on opposite ends of each other almost doing the same exact thing.

I tell the groom to lean against the garage, "swag it out." If he seems stiff... i say SHAKE IT OUT.. if he still seems stiff... I tell him to walk towards me and literally have him shake it out.

(I usually will shake too so he doesnt feel like a complete silly).

Then have him put both hands in his pockets with the thumbs out of the pocket. I say get some attitude and look at your girl.

Once groom is in the same position have the bride do the same thing with her hand up in a feminine way.

If the hand looks weird.. have her pick it up and set it down again so it looks more relaxed.

I tell her to have the other hand bouquet facing up with her arm relaxed. (See bouquet positioning).

Have groom look at her and bride look at you and smile.

To relax her smile tell the groom to talk to her and say something goofy.

Shot details:

Canon 5d, 70-200/2.8, f/4.5, 1/640, ISO 500


OH don't you worry.. there will be one fab card with all things acronyms in case LHU (left hand up), leaves your brain. :)

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