Sample 3 | 30 fab tips to posing bride & groom

Sample 3

Remember all posing guides come with 4x6 fab cards, that you can print out & carry with you in your bag! :)Oh, the art of the half hug. I know it well. What's the half hug? This is the half hug.

This is usually the first pose I start out with. This is how you're going to get your traditional shots.

Yes, you're a modern photographer, but we need to see some faces every once in awhile.

Have your bride and groom wrap one arm around each other and put their faces close, fake touch faces.

Fake touch faces means you're not going to have their faces so close together that their cheeks are out of control and you're not going to have the groom face planted into the brides hair.

The bride's arm will be in a relaxed L.

Now this couple I opted to shoot the half hug from higher up giving them a more flattering image. Also the groom was TALL. Way tall.

I'm 5'2" so clearly when I have tall couples I have to find ways to shoot them from higher up or they are going to hate all their photos because they are going to have double chins galore and NO one wants double chins.

Now, this is the same exact photo, just cropped in. See you can't even tell he was splitting it out! AHH yeah! So that he wouldn't be a foot taller than his beautiful bride, I had him

SPLIT it out.

Literally have him make his legs like he's doing the splits so he's slightly taller than the bride. He'll feel awkward but tell him it's hot and he'll get over it.

NOTE: This is an excellent thing to do (split it out) - for brides who are taller than the grooms. What groom wouldn't want to look taller than the bride on his wedding day. Uhhuh, I rest my case.

MAN, I love me some good croppage. Cropping is your friend.

Canon 5d, 70-200/2.8, f/3.2, 1/1000, ISO 1600

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Let's go shoot some people,




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