30 fab tips for posing bridal parties

30 fab bridal party poses

(that will get them to the reception faster.)

We've all been there.. in front of a GIGANTIC drunk bridal party staring at you like they are going to cut you up and wear you like last year's versace if you don't stop clicking! What was that from... real housewives...Devil Wears Prada...eh...Idk. Anyways POINT IS...

The bridal party can be very scary to deal with especially if you don't know how to handle them. They can smell fear and if they smell it on you, you better turn around, hand your camera  to uncle bob, and call it a day.

It took me a long long long time to get to the point of being comfy with posing bridal party. Here are some posing tips that not only look fab but provide a quick & efficient way of getting all the photos you need in about 3/4 of the time! holla to that!

Topics Covered:


  • Posing Techniques - Where do these people stand?
  • How to get bridesmaids photos done in 15 mins
  • How to get groomsmen photos done in 15 mins
  • How to get full bridal party photos done in 15 mins or less
  • The art of the sorority lean and the groomsmen swag
  • Shot Details



Probably my fave bridal party photo EVER. So you'll notice this shot includes the bridal party + ushers. To make life easier on everyone what I do is I start out and say

"YO, GET WHO YOU WALK DOWN THE AISLE WITH." <-- yes that's in caps.. there's like a million people who have to hear you so you gotta get LOUD!

First position the b&g in the middle. They need to half hug it out, G - HIPTO (hands in pockets, thumb out), B- RL (relaxed "L" with bouquet)... from there you tell everyone to spread out.

TELL them they are going to be around the same place but on opposite sides. Put Ushers in last - just try to fill in the gaps - this will be different depending on what stairs you are using.

From there I say, "GIMME SOME SASS, WORK IT... C'MON WORK IT." if that doesn't work i say, "YOU BETTER GIVE ME SOME SASS OR I'LL KEEP SHOOTING AND YOU WONT BE ABLE TO DRINK." <--- save that one in your back pocket bc you get ONE shot--- make it count. :)

WARNING: if you decide to be clever and say this before the last shot.. I PROMISE YOU they will NOT cooperate.. nope no siree.

From there tell one of the couples, go back to back and swag, next couple - have the bridesmaid's back to the partner and swag it on her own, normally once you posed two swagged couples the others will catch on and you will have a perfectly swagged out bridal party photo. :)

It's most appealing to the eye when you have somewhat of a mirrored image on either side.

*NOTICE - always tell the bridal party to keep their hands busy.. ie (have groomsmen cross their arms or  hold their hands in front of them (usher positioning)... ladies do different things with their bouquet.. keep the bouquet straight down w/ other hand on hip, hold bouquet with  both hands.. just be doing something instead of looking like you're getting ready to be hit by a mac truck.). :)

Sample fab card

Shot Details:

Canon 5D, f/4.5, 1/1250, ISO 800


Briday Party includes a detailed guide plus 30, 4x6 digital files (printer friendly) of the pose with a brief how to description. For our green clients you can upload the 4x6 jpegs to your cell phone or IPAD. Saving the planet one 4x6 at a time.

OH don't you worry.. there will be one fab card with all things acronyms in case KBWH (keep busy with hands), leaves your brain. :)

Posing guide will be emailed to you within a few mins. of purchase. Online/PDF version only.

Check out the shop to learn more about our bridal party posing guide!

Let's go shoot some people,



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