How to not look like an idiot during your portrait sessions | Part Dos. Plus a consult tip

I decided to continue my "How to not look like an idiot during your portrait sessions..."

So here's more - don't look like an idiot, goodness...

  • Do some research on the couple. FACEBOOK is your friend. Stalk these people. Well, sounds bad when I put it like that but seriously. If you've already met the couple, then you should be good to go with this one. A lot of the times I don't meet my clients until the engagement session (I sell 85% of my weddings solely online.) So this used to be really hard for me. Because I was going into the situation blindfolded, not having a clue what the couple would be like. Which takes me to my next point.

Random Tip: If you're meeting a couple, to go over your work, do some research on them. Look them up, see what shows they like on their favs, see if they are into any of the same things you are, and then bring that casually up. I'm telling you what, reality television probably gets brought up in the majority of my consults.

If they know you & love you, they buy from you.

When I get to my engagement sessions and I first have them start kissing and what not. I'm usually like

"C'mon you know you want to. Grab her like you mean it. Rawr!"

Yes, I do say those things. I sound like a complete moron but normally they will be like, "Ok, she's clearly off her rocker, I don't feel so bad for making out in front of her." But then again you have the couples that are still not ok, and would rather be 5 million yards away from each other than even holding hands. BEEN there done that. No worries. I say certain things at the beginning of the session to test the waters.

Ask your couple how comfortable they are with PDA.

There is nothing worse than forgetting this and then you find out half way, he hates to even hold her hand in public let alone suck her face in a crowded park. NO BUENO.

When you first get to your session don't jump right into photos. Imagine you're going to the gyno or something and they don't sit down and talk with you their just like put em' in the stirrups baby. You'd be like OHHHHHHH gahhh. So try to make them comfy before getting started. ;)

Let's go shoot some people,




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