Lines & Light, a photographer's inspiration

One of my main sources of inspiration come from someone who is the closet to me, Pedro.

Our brains work differently, and he has the most creative and inspiring brains EVER. I wish I could have 10% of the things that come into his mind.

I have been interviewing people over on my photog blog and decided to do just the same over here on this one. :)

Sometimes, we forget what inspires us. We let it go only to find without that inspiration, there's really no drive for us to continue in what we're doing. I found that out last year. What inspires you? What keeps you driven? Hold on to it and never forget.

Artist Profile

Name: Pedro Bustillos

Age: 24

How long have you been shooting? 5 years.

Favorite Thing to Shoot: Bride and Groom

Favorite Part of Wedding: Ceremony and Dancing

What is the hardest thing about being a photographer?

Myself. I’m really HARD on myself and never want to disappoint anyone and want to achieve the best quality image. The time is really hard.

When I have a bride and groom and a camera in my hand, I don’t want to stop.  I wish it could last forever.

I have this drive just to keep shooting and shooting, take my time with my shots, I really do.  I mean I just, look for each shot I take, look for each frame, the lines, the light and so forth and run with it.

Biggest inspiration for shooting?

You are. You were always my inspiration.  Before I met you, I was always good with my hands.  I grew up in construction, I never had drive.  I got by just to get by. I had no drive to succeed.  I like doing things, but I also love to draw. I occupied my art class with music and never got the chance until after I met you.  After I took my first photo, I got so many comments. There’s just something inside of me that gets it.  But you handed me the camera and helped me flourish.


If you could tell someone getting into wedding photography something what would it be?:

Believe in yourself and change happens. The camera has to be a part of you, one with you.

How would you describe what you do: Everytime I take a photo, just before I find my frame, something clicks, I feel the warmth and the goodness coming from what I'm seeing and the emotions of my subjects, come out and it just, I completely feel the image before I take that click.

Nevertheless, some days I may struggle but I fight to find that frame, I fight for it, I know its there. When I find it, it fills me with such joy to give them an image that fills them with joy and happiness. When I'm taking a photo, I know they are going to look at it, and I want them to look at it everyday of their life and to rememebr the fun, the laughts, and the love they were sharing that day. It's all about the love. All we need is love, each image I take, I put all my love for photography in that image, and my clients love is in the image.

Together with 3 things, the subject's love, my love and the ability of my camera, together it creates a tripod, without one part of that tripod, there would be nothing.

That's why I love shooting.


He didn't even mention his night shots. These night shots are freakin' fantastic. Pedro, you really don't understand how much you inspire me. Thank you for sharing with us, I know that was hard for you. Keep doing what you love.



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