5 ways to get more facebook fans

Want more fans on your fan page? Woohoo! Me too, here are some ways that are fab & easy and will save you A TON of time.

1. Call to action landing page.

In easy terms, when you run an ad or send someone to your fan  page, having this landing page will make sure they like it before they see any content! WOOOT!

Questions on how to install an app on your fan page?

1. click link/click install

2. click allow

3. install again

4. VOILA - it'll have you fill out a form and will walk you thru the rest!

Go here to get your free landing page. Super easy. Just make two jpeg images to serve as your landing page for fans and your landing page for non fans & BAM you're done! There are step by step tutorials to show you how to do this once you install it on your fan page. Visit that link and learn more.

Just made this one today.


2. Run a contest, special, poll on your fan page.

Wildfire App, has a ton of applications you can put on your facebook fan page (it's my app dream come true), that are EASY to use. A lot of these apps are freakin' hard, you would need to have a computer programming degree to understand them, NOT this one. Go there & be amazed at all the things you can do. This one does cost, but sometimes I say ok. If I spend this much & make this much then it was worth it.

Want a free contest? Have fans @ your business fan page to enter into it, the more times they mention it the more chances there are to win.

Another option would be to run a promotion. Say when I get to 1000 fans, I will give this away or this package will be this much. Help us get there! People like helping others out & you'll find most people will do it. In fact I'm going to try & do that on our new fan page that was launched today and see if I can get it to happen. Let's see what happens! :) When I first started this, had 58 fans on my page, let's see how many I can get in one day.

3. @ people & include them in your convo on your page.

Who doesn't like to be @. I love to be @. Not only does this keep the convo going on your page, it makes people feel special. When you @ someone, it will create a direct link to their page/name. Unfortunately if you're on your business page, from what I know (could have changed in the last 24 hours lol), you have to be under your name to @ one of your friends, unless they are a fan of that page.

To @ someone, just click @(start typing their name) - no spaces. It will then have a drop down, with the name you're typing...


 4. Ask a question on your status.

LOVE THIS & It's easy. The best thing is. When people answer it posts to their newsfeed. Great for exposure.

Click POLL OPTIONS to put in your answers, then you can select whether or not you want to block fans from making their own answers.

5. Add a comment box & a like button

at the bottom of all your blog posts. 

My blog doesn't automatically do this. So if yours doesn't you can easily do this by clicking here.

Insert that code into your blog's html code at the bottom of your post. This will input the comment box feature, to get the like button do this! :)

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