5 steps to instantly take better photos!

Yes, you read that right. Want to take better photos the next time you take out your camera & not even really have to learn anything accept reading this. THOUGHT SO. :) go to step numero uno.

1. Crop out needless objects/crop in. 

Cropping isn't just for editing & post processing, nooooo sireee. Crop in the camera. I always try to do this. If this will save me time later on, you better believe I'm gonna try to do it in camera. :) .
To crop in camera, just move until the objects aren't in your photo anymore. easy, peasy baby! (example, cars & buildings) I only keep them in if they are important part of my composition, now ... rules are meant to be broken. So just flow it outtttt. :)






normal shot anyone could take.









same shot, cropped in.








screenshot, cropped in.







2. Think of how your grandma would take the photo and do the exact opposite. 

If you need to get on the floor to get that shot, shizzzzzzz.... do the dang thing! Your photos will automatically look better, because you don't see normal people laying down trying to work that shot!


3. Get on your subject's same eye level. (see, contradicting myself... but you get what I mean right. Take these & then get funkyyyyyyyyyy)

Shooting kids? Get on your knees and shoot them dead on. Shooting a client sitting down? You sit down and shoot them. Makes the viewer feel like they are really right there with you & gives a photojournalistic feel.


















4. Shooting indoors, do three things. 


  • Pull up blinds
  • Pull the curtains back
  • Turn on all the lights


Depending on what camera you're using, you need as much as light as possible.

5. MOST importantly. Shoot with the light. 

Pull up blinds/curtains & turn on all the lights then - shoot with your back to the light. That will give you a better light & will look TONS better.

(Ever shoot in a room towards the window and notice your subjects are all really dark & gross) - yeah, do this & they won't be like that! :) WOOHOO!

The photo above, that room was DARRRRRRRRRRK. I'm literally in front of the window. This is imperative to getting ready shots at a wedding. Now, with everything sometimes, the opposite is true if you're trying to achieve a certain look. Just think.. silhouette... if you're trying to shoot a silhouette you shoot into the light, so if you don't want your subjects dark shoot with the light. :)

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