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AHHH! so excited about this post! Gina thank you so much for sharing with us! Gina Neary is an AMAZING photog and I especially LOOVE her newborn photography!! Newborn photography is something I feel like a lot of people have issue with so I wanted to ask her a few questions about it. So if you want a little insight on how to pose newborns from a pro, check this out!

Name: Gina Neary
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Company: Peahead Prints Photography
Job Title: CEO/Marketing Director/Photographer/Book Keeper/Customer Service/Everything Else There is!

How did you get started in photography?

I have always had a love for art, no matter the form, but I despise taking a pencil to paper, it just wasn’t my thing. The very first time I picked up a camera, I knew I had found my “outlet”. I did the darkroom, shot and developed film and really learned the basics, and quickly, because of where the photography world was heading, quickly took he plunge into digital photography.

After my first round of digital photography classes in college, I started a love affair with all things digital, from shooting to processing to designing. I graduated with a degree in Advertising and Marketing with an emphasis on digital design. Like most new graduates, I took the very first job I could get which led me to the hustle and bustle of NYC in a advertising firm. I shortly received an offer I could not refuse, but MUCH less of the “art” side of things and more of the sales/marketing end.

I spent the better half of the next 10 years working on the sales side of the marketing world, all the while shooting whenever I could just to stay creative. When my oldest daughter was born in 2005, it became official. This is what I knew I would love to call my career.

What's your fav thing to shoot?

I’m not sure I have an absolute favorite thing to shoot…I love to shoot different things for so many different reasons. But there is NOTHING better than watching a dad tear up as you snap a shot of his brand spanking new little boy laying in a baseball mit that he is already planning on using as he teaches that little man all the rules of the game.

And nothing feels better than a mom calling you immediately after you post a sneak peek and she is yelling so loudly in excitement, that her neighbors are nervous. Capturing the first days (sometimes hours) of life are just irreplaceable.

What's your biggest source of inspiration?

Everything around me! From wonderful photographers out there, to everyday things like planters and color schemes. You never know when an idea will hit you...I'm pretty much always writing notes or text messaging myself ideas so that I dont forget them.

Fav reality tv show:

Right this second, The Voice, I'm hooked! im not much of a reality show watcher, im more of a who-done-it crime show fanatic!

What are common misconceptions about newborn photographers?

The biggest misconception about newborn photogs is that this is one easy job. I mean how could it not be? All newborns do is sleep right?

After my first official newborn session, I quickly realized that was the furthest thing from the truth! Getting Moms and Dads to understand is the toughest part...if I had a dollar for every client that called and said, "we wont need 3 hours for this, all he does is sleep" I'd be rich.

Biggest inspiration for newborn photography?

There are so many great photographers out there, from all over the world. It's amazing to see how so many can take the same concept and make it there very own.

What's been your fav portrait thus far?

I am not sure that I can name just one. I love different images for different reasons. Many times I love an image not because its the most fabulous shot every or something that hasnt been done before, but because it was a baby that was fussy, and wouldnt sleep for all but 5 minutes and you get THE shot.

Or maybe its the mom who tried for 15 years to have a baby and when she finally brings new life into the world you know those pictures are like gold to her.

I do have to say when dads get involved and super excited about their sessions, those shots, the ones they REALLY want to see, the ones they bring a prop or idea for, really make my heart sing. I'm a sucker for a mushy dad!

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