Silly Action!!

Don't you all love the look of a silhouette? Want to learn how to master it in the camera OR buy a Photoshop action to do it for you with a click of a button?  Here are a couple pointers on how you can achieve this look in the camera! Get ready!

First of all, you want to have your light source BEHIND the subject! i.e. Sunset, flash, street lamp-BEHIND your couple, or object...  Make sure that that particular subject is SIMPLE yet STRONG!

Secondly, TURN OFF YOUR FLASH! You don't want to defeat the purpose of the silhouette by ruining it with your flash in the wrong spot! The camera typically wants to expose for you subject and turn on the flash-you dont want this!!! Its not going to give you the look you're looking for.  Since we're in the digital age, you might as well try to play with your manual settings! Shoot in RAW, so then you can bump up your blacks in the RAW dialog.  You can take hundreds of shots, and just delete the ones that you dont like, OR you can purchase our SILLY action, and achieve the look that you were trying to get in the camera; if you come close to it.

The first image is the Orignal...the middle has the SILLY action applied to it.  Then to see how much better it would look with a BLUE ME action?! I know, awesome!!

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