Cheese: The "F" Word Of Photography

If one more person tells my child to say, cheese. I'm going to threaten to say the F word to theirs. JUST KIDDING. That would be bad, very bad. But at the sake of sounding ridiculous, they are just setting my kid to look like a complete weirdo in his photos.

Case & Point - the evidence is below.

I've spent several hours teaching Bex (my adorable, oh so presh, 3 year old) how to fake laugh. If you've ready any of my posing guides. I'm a full believer in fake it till you make it. The same goes for kids, adults, cottonheads, anyone. It works.

Here's Bex, sitting at a birthday party for my 11 year old cousin eating some cake. I say Bex let me take your photos. He looks at me and goes.. "cheeeeeeseeee" -

Uh? Really Bex. I'm pretty sure you know that word is to NEVER I mean never leave your lips unless you're talking about KRAFT.

I go, "I don't think so mister, fake laugh." He wouldn't do it. I go. "hahahahahhahahahha, fake laugh, mommy's fake laughing." He goes, "You're not doing it right." CLIIIIIIIIICK.

These 2 photos happen. :D OMG, do you not love it, I could just eat this little boy up. We have a FRAMER on our hands ladies and gentleman, and it just took some fake laughing.

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