I'm Blogging Bipolar.

This post was all in an effort of brain storming. Blogging sucks to do… but when you’re actually writing about something you want to write about the rest will come. I decided to sit down and just write about myself. (Ignore that sentence, sounded way selfish – lol) I’ve been trying to come up with some stuff to put on my blog to let a little bit more insight about the real me.

In turn as I was writing about the real me, turned into what I like, what I love and ultimately what I want to accomplish. Very interesting how the mind works, when I think of a subject to write about, I normally come up with a great idea. That in turn I can’t come up with a great blog post, then I GET really irritated. But from now on, I’m just going to start writing whatever I want to write about and see what happens. You might get something really great out of it.

Things you might not know, and some things you do.


  • I love lady gaga.
  • I love diet pepsi max (out of the can only)
  • I think smart water is the best tasting WATER on the planet.
  • The first photographer to ever inspire me was Annie Leibovitz story on how she got started.
  • Editor in chief of my newspaper & yearbook in high school – oh yeah buddy. Certified photojournalism nerd to the T. & proud of it.
  • I think couponing is as thrilling as gambling, & yes I have dumpster dived for coupons. It’s actually a big rush! It’s almost as much fun as finding something at a garage sale & selling it on craigslist for triple that amount. OH MAN. Get’s me goin’.
  • I am very shy in person even though I’m completely the opposite online.
  • I go thru a 44 oz bottle of ketchup in about a week in a half.
  • I hate uppercase letters. They make me nervous.
  • I love the feeling of words written on paper and that sound they make when you’ve written an entire page & you turn the paper. MAN that’s a great sound. The sound of accomplishment.
  • I love lists and notebooks. I currently have 8 notebooks and 1 mini notebook that I jot down things any second of the day. Categorized of course.
  • I would rather go to the dentist then hear the sound of a sweeper.
  • I’m still confused on why they even put yellow Starbursts in the pack.
  • Skittles is my favorite candy and pull-n-peel cherry twizzlers. OH MY GUH. I want some NOW.
  • I did not want any children before I had Bex. I photographed my own C-section. (ball-sy.)
  • I have my real estate license (could you even imagine me…trying to sell real estate).
  • If I did, I’d have to get out of my yoga pants & t-shirts.
  • I love making my own T-shirts w/ my sayings.

best shirt EVER

  • If I wasn’t a photographer I would probably want to work at Jimmy Johns. I LOVE JIMMY JOHNS. Freaky Fast, Freaky good. That and I have always wanted to try my hand at selling cars. Even though I know nothing about cars, I’m not into cars… I just think it would be uber challenging.
  • I’m a reality show junkie. Real housewives, big brother, survivor, the list is endless. I love talking about reality tv, I love writing about tv – it’s borderline an issue.
  • I want 2 more kids, and I want them all to have weird X names. :D
  • I love writing on the walls, literally. My office is in chalk-board paint. SUPER Fun.
  • I’m chatty, impulsive. I love to know everything about everyone & anything (besides sports).
  • I love tattoos, the fact that you might hate a tat 10 years from now, makes me somehow love it more, bc that just is a confirmation of how far you’ve come since you got the tat & a constant reminder of what you were. Unless you get a naked mermaid – than .. I mean.. I don’t know about all that. LOL Tat’s are nothing more than a blog on your body, granted it can get ridiculous, but maybe sometimes people can’t express themselves in writing but they wanted to be able to have a starting point to tell someone about it.


(Now, after I wrote this, I started in on the next paragraph. i literally have no idea where this came from... but I just went with it.. apparently this image was on my brain and so was Pedro....)

I love Pedro. We got a divorce last year and were not together for about a year. I thought everything was done, there was no hope for repair of that relationship than this year,  January 2011, everything changed. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

We deal with weddings day in and day out, we get to see the stoked couple & everything is great, perfect, but what about when it’s not. My  goal as photographer isn’t just to document happiness and weddings, as a photographer I made the decision to document life, as it happens, the good, the bad & the ugly.

You ever see a photo and it’s so real, and candid and in the moment, you fall completely In love with it, even though it’s not even anything to be in love with. Pedro took this photo at a wedding last week and there’s something about it. It screams, silence. It makes me feel a certain way. I feel the nervousness of the day, like the calm before the storm.

What if all your images could be like this? What if all your images could be a true representation of reality, now that would be something. Every day that I hold the camera, I want to make it a goal to take photos like this. I’m not sure how he does it, but I’m sure what day, if I keep at it, I’ll figure it out. Maybe that’s the problem, there’s nothing to figure out to capture reality, you just shoot, you don’t worry about what’s going, what they’re doing, how they are sitting, what they look like, you just shoot.

Sometimes you just have to flow. If you're in a blogging rut. Take 15 mins. Just start typing whatever comes to that cute little head of yours & just go with it. Ride it out. Make sure you have no distractions, turn off DOG the bounty hunter (my new tv addiction), turn off the radio, and just type.

I love to blog, but I'm blogging bi-polar. I go through sperts (sp?) where I'm like hey, this is great, I'm getting some great posts, sometimes 1-5 times a day. Like this week.... I'm on one of those really good, creative weeks, where I can't stop writing & then I get complaints of STOP POSTING ON YOUR FB FAN PAGE ALREADY... ahhh..  people are responding well and then BAM, my blog sits lifeless for 2 months and I keep updating it with posts that say, "Oh, I know I haven't blogged in awhile but I'm trying to get caught up..." No, not really.. i'm actually trying to figure out something else to do, ANYTHING else to do besides the blog.

I'm starting a new blogging journey with my business. If you would like to be apart of this blogging accountability group & stop having bipolar blog moments, sign up for the blogging challenge. I'm going to send out updates & ideas, and hopefully we can help each other out of this dark, rut & get the creative juices flowin'.

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brooke and pedro photography
brooke and pedro photography

July 25, 2011

AHHHHHHHHHHH HOLY SHIZ. thats awesome!!!!! if you're an aries – its' really gonna freak me out! rofl! :D


July 24, 2011

I have a feeling we were separated at birth! I was laughing so hard reading this a because I just got my first blog put together and it sound pretty much exactly like what you just wrote…yours is much more organized than mine!!! I even have a few of the same likes on my post…I need to put the ketchup one on mine, id love to learn how to make my own shirts and I have seen the Annie Leibovitz documentary too many times to count :) I am enjoying getting to know you and cant wait for more bipolar blogs!!

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