Why A New Facebook Page?

2 questions today...


1. When will I get my, "you can make me look skinny, right" guide?  

Soon- very soon. :D :D suspense is killing you, I know.


2. Why a new facebook fan page? 

Weeeeeeeeellllll.... I noticed a problem. I was only attracting wedding photographers. My guides were intitally for wedding photographers but I don't just post wedding stuff. We are branching out to do more portrait posing guides, camera guides, the list is endless. I post how to take better photos, photog biz stuff, therefore I wanted to reach more people. I think BP4U Photography Tips & Guides will help us do that?

If you shoot a lot of stuff, not just weddings- you might want to unlike the wedding page & just like the NEW BP4U Photography Tips & Guides page. It will have more helpful articles on all things photog & a lot more contests - and really, who doesn't love a good contest. WOOOOOT!

Thoughts? I was somewhat torn on this issue, and hoping I made the right decision. For my facebook sanity - I'm really hoping I did!

shout out to ADAM for our oh so fab new FB landing page

Go over to Adam's page & show that dude some LOVE!

Would love to hear some feedback in our comment section! :D

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