The Skinny On The Skinny Guide...

"You can make me look skinny, right?" -

This guide was released last week & we thought you should have a little preview... :D

Want to learn more, find the guide here!

You know those people who look way skinnier on their Facebook profile photo then they do in real life. (raising my hand). GUILTY. Of course I look skinnier in most of my Facebook profile photos than I do in real life, it's what I get paid to do, make people look good, so of course I'm going to make myself look better.

If I looked fatter in my photo, than why the F would you hire me? That would be the dumbest thing ever. So I guess in a weird way it's actually a compliment to look better in a photo than in real life. :D

This book, given the title, is yes, how to make people look better… but we're not talking about just fat people, medium sized people, tall people, short people, humpty-dumpty looking' people. Everyone deserves to have fabulous photos.

This is after all why you got into portrait photography right? I'm sure you didn't just wake up one morning and say, "hmm…self… today I'm on a mission to make people look ugly and gross and feel horrible about themselves." No. We like photos because it's almost instantly gratifying for our client.

Don't you just love when someone takes a photo of you and you look so hot and you're like DAMN, I look good. You better believe if I have a photo like that, I'll be posting it on every social network site from Facebook to twitter, shiz, maybe even linked-in. It makes us feel good.

People like to feel good. It gives them confidence. We are in the profession of building people up. If you were making them look ugly and feel awful about themselves, you wouldn't have a job, let alone any clients.

I don't know about you, but when someone makes my photo their profile photo, you might as well ring the bell, blow the horn, BECAUSE I'm having a good day. They don't have to say one word about the photo but if they liked it enough to make it the one and only. THE GURU of photos, the ever so holy grail of them all, Facebook/twitter profile photo… well, I can give myself a giant pat on the back, as a job well done. Mission accomplished.

What's the worst is when you think you did your job right, but their profile photo is still some jank photo taken from their wedding with an iphone… YOU MIGHT AS WELL claw my eyes out. I think to myself, this bride looked completely hot in all 125 blog photos I put up… but there you have it.. I thought she looked hot, she did not. Bring in the body issues.....

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