My Top 3 Sites For My Biz!

I love all things internet and today I'm going to share with you my top 3 for my biz!



OH EM G. If you don't have a wufoo account head on over there and be preaped to be IN LOVE. If you ever need to make a custom form & plug it into your website, this is the site for you. I do all my album order forms, client session schedule forms, basically any form.. contact form. It saves all of your inquiries and presents them in an easy to find way - so you're uber organized without any trouble.

Oh & to make it freakin more awesome ... they give you like 3 forms for free, FOREVER.... i had a free account with them for a WHOLE YEAR before I even had to pay a dime. SCORE!

Ever been annoyed because certain sites don't let you customize your contact form (cough cough, SHOOTQ, i LOVE YOU shootq, but really... no bueno).. anywho...WOOHOO FOR WUFOO! 


For those of you who don't have a merchant service account, set up a paypal account. SUPER easy to use. You can sell anything. You can use any type of credit card on there.. it's pretty much awesome. They do take a fee out (but you'll have that anywhere) but for the most part, this is a great starting point on how to accept different forms of payment. The client can even pay via check!


Be prepared to be in forever shock of holy crap this site is awesome. Want to send out super hot, super fast email newsletters to all of your clients. Wait for it.... just take a second because your marketing life is about to change FOREVER. This site is everything you need for a super profesh, email marketing set up. HIGHLY recommend it. 

Woot! Those are my fav! What are your top 3? Share with us in the comments! :D


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