How To Put Fab Cards On Tour iPhone!

Jackie Santana posted how she put her cards on the iphone on our FB page and we thought this was a FABtastic idea. Here's how to do it on your iphone! :D

  • Have your fab cards on your computer in a specific folder. *see below
  • Plug phone in
  • Itunes will open up
  • Select your phone on Itunes
  • Click Photos at the top
  • Sync photos from & select the folder with your fab cards<selected folders<select all your folders (ie engagement, wedding)
  • Phone will sync & it'll show up in your photos folder


Voila! Now you can have them on the go whenever you need them!

Note: Put one folder in a specific spot & name it fab cards, within that folder have the different type of cards

Folder on my desktop called fab cards in that folder is 4 different folders, wedding, bridal party, eng_sitting, eng_standing

Then if you purchase any other guides that have fab cards put them within that folder and it will keep adding them when your phone is synced.

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