How Can You Discount Like This?

I received this email today and just thought I'd share since I literally was laughing at my computer, I looked like a weirdo, thank God my assistant is used to me looking like a weirdo, or that could have been awkward. SHEW!

"When you discount your materials to 90% you still actually make money?  I often feel bad buying your stuff at 90% I need to call the cops and arrest myself for stealing everything."

Just wanted to say, I am a huge beliver in sharing the photog goodness that is bp4u guides. I'm not saying my way is the right way, wrong way, it's just a way so I'm more than happy to share. We can offer deep discounts like this bc of one reason. YOU.

We have the most amazing fans... seriously, I get like 10 emails a day from photogs saying how addicted they are to these guides and they just spread the word even more.

If one person posts about our sale on their facebook or twitter it can be sent to thousands of people, which is a whole lot more people than I know. Just one post allows us to do these sales. We wanted to say a big thank you to all of those who have shared, who have wrote us such inspiring emails and wall posts... I feel truly blessed.

I love seeing your work & post it as often as you want on any of our bp4u pages. You guys rock!

Because you guys rock, we're doing another 90% off sale to celebrate my PREGO-NESS! :D, use it, love it, it's almost like eating a 1200 calorie chocolate cake and not gaining a pound.. GUILT free & oh so good.

We launched some fabtastic new guides (yay more fab cards) and some UH-MAZING templates.

Click here to see all the new hot stuff!

Code is Prego at checkout.

I heart you all!


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