I'm Back! :)

Omg! Seriously it's been about ohh I don't know 2 months since I posted last. Thank you thank you thank you to all you BP4U'ers out there who sent me messages of support. All of you rock & I just thought you should know that I appreciate it so much. 

So in the midst of being completely sick & bed ridden, hopefully that is in the past. We have some AMAZING things in store for you guys, when I say amazing, I mean amazing. Giveaways, New releases, guest bloggers, the list goes on and on and on and I'M PUMPED! Woohooooo!

As always we love to hear from you, if you have a question you would like us to cover, email it over to bp4uguides@gmail.com with the subject QUESTION. 

You rock! 

Are you a vendor wanting to do a giveaway or promo? Email us at bp4uguides@gmail.com with the subject VENDOR & tell us all about it. :D 

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Sarah Crespo
Sarah Crespo

November 03, 2011

I liked all the vendors!

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