6 Ways To Boost Sales This Holiday Season


  1. Offer mini sessions - great time to do this is within the next few weeks to have them in time before the holidays
  2. Re-release all your web galleries - Even if its been 3 years, re-release all your web gallerys of sessions & weddings, that way your clients will order some for the holidays. I know I didn't even print off any of my wedding photos until a full year later (at Christmas time), so you never know! :)
  3. Have a print sale - Put all your prints on sale or offer to give them a duplicate copy at no extra cost if they order by a certain date
  4. Offer holiday cards - if you've never offered these before, it's a great way to get some extra mulah this holiday season. 
  5. Offer an album sale - Even if the client already has an album, they may want one to give to their parents or grandparents
  6. Gift Cards - What better way to get some cash flow in than to offer gift cards this time of year. You can do promos like if they buy $50 worth of gift cards, they get a $15 gift card for themselves. 



To increase album & holiday card sale, send them a preview of what their album/holiday card will look like with their photos. People are more apt to buy something if they can visualize it. 

Give them a reason to buy the gift card. 

examples: know any seniors this year? they would love a gift card from our studio. 

Know anyone that has booked with us? Give them the gifts of photos that they can use towards session cost, print or product credit! 

Know anyone who is prego? They would love a gift card to use on their precious new bundle of joy! 


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