What do you charge hourly for a wedding?

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Question -  "what does everyone charge hourly for a wedding..." thoughts? what do you charge for your first weddings?

Stephanie:I have a questions about weddings - I can't seem to become a helper, tag along or a second shooter at a wedding-- how do I get the experience that I need for the weddings i already set????????????

Amy:Brooke I sent you an email question about pricing and with applying the session price to a print package....do you remember getting it? I'm sure you get a lot of messages a day though.

 Becky:Steph- have you emailed local photogs in the Area? I would find a few whose style you admire and shoot th em an email - even if you work for free on a couple. Are you saying you need the experience bc you've already booked your own weddings? Or your just looking to second shoot so that you can book stuff eventually? I was a little confused

Sasha:I would love to know as well! My husband volunteered me for someone's wedding. I could kill him. ;) I don't feel ready for a wedding yet, so be prepared for me to buy every one of your wedding guides before she has it. ;)

Sarah:I have the s same problem! I have done about 6 small weddings, but really want to help/tag along with a couple larger weddings to gain experience :)

 Cate:Three packages with 6,8,10 hours and then an hourly rate if they try to add time. Hours are really hard to justify, I try to avoid getting down that path. :-/

Yanitza:Seems that we all feel the same! I have emailed local photogs and still haven't had the opportunity of becoming an assistant or a tag along. How can I achieve this? I don't feel ready to shoot a wedding yet but it's obviously hard enough to find an experienced photog who'd help you gain experience. Why is it so hard???? As far as $$ goes, I've been trained to charge by the hour and upon the quality of the album we have to offer the client. This could be from around $150-$200 an hour plus the album. How do you guys do it??

Stephanie: @ becky - I've already booked 3 wedding and they all know that I haven't done any or tagged along to any one else's.. i contacted two of the local photographers ( I know that there are alot more ) but I was looked over for people they already know. Any advice?

Becky:I would look into going to group get togethers with other local photogs. I know Pictage has PUG groups in lots of cities and you don't have to be a member of Pictage to go. Sometimes there are speakers and sometimes you will actually go out and shoot, plus it's a great way to meet other photographers that you can second shoot for.

Becky: Here is the link to see the closest one to you. There are other groups out there beyond this, but it's the first thing that came to mind bc I've been to several in Indy and got to hear some speakers that normally charge hundreds for their workshops.

Carina:I have shot 4 weddings, the first by myself, the next 2 with a second shooter (who had more experience than I did, but was a friend of mine), and 4th as a second shooter for the same friend. I made sure the couples I was photographing knew I was a "n00b" and probably should have had a contract stating that if they weren't happy with the photos, I wasn't to blame (STRONGLY recommend). I wasn't able to get a position as a second shooter, an assistant or even a tag-a-long. I did manage to gain an interview with one photographer, but that didn't help much with the actual event of the wedding. I'll be honest and say I was kinda thrown into it. I enjoyed photography, but never thought I would be any good as a wedding photographer. In fact, the first couple that hired me, I nearly begged to get another photographer! But they have become my passion. I found a local photographer who has been in the business for about a year longer than I have, and with several more clients/weddings so far. She was actually looking for a second shooter/assistant/intern. Maybe try not looking so high up, but maybe right above you in the way of experience. I hope you find something soon! Feel free to message me if you have more questions :)

Becky:To answer the original question - I also have packages that include a certain amount of hours. I find that works better than letting them decide the number of hours. It's hard to charge per hour because people don't understand why the price is so high per hour and that it includes all the work that will done before and after the wedding and not just the actual hours on the day of the wedding.

BP4U:The best thing to do if u want experience is to offer to work for free or not a lot. The stuff u learn in the process will make you more in the long run. I would just email every photog u can think of. One of them is bound to say they could use the extra help or ask them to be put on a backup assistant list in case they already have their assistant worked out.

 Stephanie:i am taking my firs workshop from a photographer this weekend and am so exvited...my big question is how did everyone learn how to edit photos. my husband bought me elements 10 for christmas, but i dont even know the first steps to editing a photo

Tom:Some good info. I have been doing portrait photography professionally for almost 2 years, but have a chance at my first wedding. I don't wanna overcharge since it will be my 1st and yet I don't wanna undercharge and seem cheap. Since it is my first, I wanna quote him $1000 for a 8-10 hour wedding. This includes a CD with around 150 edited images. What do you think?

 Catrina:Some good info. I have been doing portrait photography professionally for almost 2 years, but have a chance at my first wedding. I don't wanna overcharge since it will be my 1st and yet I don't wanna undercharge and seem cheap. Since it is my first, I wanna quote him $1000 for a 8-10 hour wedding. This includes a CD with around 150 edited images. What do you think?

Kirsten:I did $850 for 8 hours with 400 images on CD - 100 were portraits, the rest candids. My next will be $1500.

BP4U:photographers in indiana - we are always looking for assistants for weddings.. if you're interested email brookeandpedro@gmail.com

Sasha:Where at in Indiana BP4U Photography Tips & Guides

Dorota:IF there is wedding photographer who needs help in NY. I am here!!!! And i want to learn that too!

Catrina:Anybody in VA looking to do assisting/second shooting, I'm always looking for someone!

BP4U:we shoot statewide & in chicago :) what part are you from - email or msg me :)

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