Do you print your pose cards from the guides?

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Question: Do you print your pose cards from the guides? If so, do you print them yourself or get them printed elsewhere? Just trying to decide the best route. Thanks!

Juana: I printed mine myself. But put them in a book format.

Anne: Haven't tried to print them yet...but I need to!!!

Maria: Yes! They are great to have on hand; I just get them printed from the pro lab I use in a 3.5x5 size which ends up being cheaper than target or elsewhere and that way they are better quality

Heidi: I went cheap and fast and got them at a local hour print. Then I punched a hole in each and put them on a ring so I could flip through them while on a shoot.

Anna: What do you print them on? Card stock, photo paper, etc?

Miranda: I printed from walgreens but they cut off the heads of everyone... However my plan is to try again from a pro lab and then put the photos on rings

Becky: i printed mine at kinkos and they will bind them for a small fee more

Carla: i printed them at a kiosk and printed them in 2x3 format so that they would fit in my pocket at shoots...i pick out the ones that i think are best for that day andkeep them in my pocket for when my brain gets stumped...its great!!!

Carla: oh, and i plan to lamiate when i get time

Sasha: I am going to print them myslef (since they are just for reference they don't need to be perfect) when I get some time.

Tyler: I save mine on my phone so I always have them with me.

Leigh: on my iPhone :)

Jessica: On my Kindle Fire.


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