How can I get sharper images with my Nikon?

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Question:  My Nikon isn't producing photos as sharp and crisp as they could be. Could it be a lens issue or a camera setting, or something else? I typically have a 70-200mm 3.5 VR on it, but also have an 85mm 1.8, and the photos from both have the same amount of blurred edges in the photos. Any suggestions?

Meredith:  have you had it cleaned and calibrated recently? I know that that can help big time

Nikki:  I was having problems with my Canon and had tried everything... a friend of mine suggested a new memory card and now everything seems to be back to normal.. try to get it cleaned and a new card and see if that helps :)

Cate: Are you re-composing at all? If so, try it without moving the focus point at all first before any drastic actions.

Amy: What camera are you using

Sasha:  If your not shooting in raw, that helps a lot too. I see a huge difference when I shoot in raw with my nikon.

Sasha: Also, how much is it to get a camera cleaned and calibrated? I've never had mine done before. Where might you go to get it done?

Kristen: What type of camera do you have and what is the aperture that you are using? Because a lower aperture will give you more bokeh (blur)

Della:  I always purchased the extended service plan with my cameras and that includes a free cleaning/checkup every year. Well worth the money. Also, have you checked your dioptic setting. Mine gets bumped - a lot - and I always have to go back and make sure it's set correct

Amy: I shoot Nikon as well and use an 18-200 vr as well. I also use a 50 1.8 I would love to see what you are talking about 1st hand. Do you have an image handy that you would email me? What camera model are you using?

Rebecca:  it's most likely settings. with that big lens you need to be shooting at 1/250 of a second if you holding it handheld; shooting at 2.8 on the 70-200, the edges will be blurry. Try 1/250, 5.6, and crank up the ISO to 1600, see what happens. for the 85, try f5.6 or 8 in aperature priority mode at iso 800.

Rebecca:  and for the 85 the shutter needs to be at least 1/60.

Amy: First off depending on the camera you may need it cleaned but the lens isnt best piece of glass. Invest in something that will be w you for a while. The 70-200 2.8 is fabulous!!

E Shay: Thanks to all for the responses! This one was my question. To answer those who've asked, it's a little bit of an oldie: Nikon D200. (Yes, I'll soon be upgrading but still want to use this as my backup.) Apertures and shutter speeds vary; the non-crisp edges (like of people's faces, and any hard edges like a fence or chair), are all blurred even when it's as focused as I can get it manually.

E Shay: Any recommendations for where I can take it to have it cleaned?

E Shay:  To view some of the pics taken with the camera, they're at

Rebecca: Facebook also compresses photos! do you have anything on flickr?

Rebecca: check your diopter too, if you are focusing manually, might be your vision. autofocus on a point, and adjust diopter on your view finder until it looks clear to you.


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