What is a good starter camera: indoor and outdoor?

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Question: Ok I am just starting out and need a good camera for indoor and outdoor photography. I have about $800 to spend. Is there a camera around this price that will take good pics and has a fast flash?

Deja: I have the Sony a330 and I'm absolutely in love with it! I actually got it at Costco for around $500! and it was the camera body and 2 lenses.

Amy: I bought a Canon Rebel as my first starter camera nd I LOVED it!

Nancy: I got a Sony a390 for $500 and an external flash for $100 and they work great and with the extra money you still have in your budget, you'd be able to get a 50mm 1.8 lens

George: I just bought the Canon T2i. From guidance from a couple of FB sites, it has the same chip as the T3i, but slightly faster and lighter. It doesn't have the flexible screen or the slave flash capability of the T3i. As I tend to lean towards an editorial style of shooting as opposed to studio, I should be good and be able to up my glass instead. There is also an adapter available that will allow me to use some of my old manual glass.

Melissa: I also have a Sony that the others listed same price, LOVE it!

Khimberly: I would also recommend the Canon T2i. If you're wanting to step into photography & see how it will go for a source of income..This is going to be a great first step. Something more along the lines of good shots around the home, Im sure theres an affordable Canon Rebel XTi that you can find online.

Amy: spend a little extra and get the Nikon d90

Beth: Love love love my Sony a390 - use that extra $$ to get another lens!

Ellary: Nikon 3100

Rebecca: I switched from Sony to Nikon, given the shortages of Nikon bcs of eathequake and flood, I'd consider a canon if you are starting out..... it's a tough time forcamera makers! I loved my sony, but the lens were limited compared to CanNikons.

George: The low light capabilities on auto are amazing on the T2i. The built in flash is very good too. I'm still in the playing stage.

Alexandra: Nikon d5100 :)

Karen: Canon 7D

Kathi: Nikon.... and read up on reviews as to which and why....

Lauren: I just ordered my first NIKON d5100 and I can't wait

Abby: I loved my Sony but found gently used lenses were impossible to find for it so I switched to Nikon

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