Does anyone have an opinion on the Canon 30D?

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Question: "Anyone have an opinion on the Canon 30D? Found an amazing deal and will probably buy it just based on price/condition. The reviews I've read are decent but thought I'd try to get some other opinions :)"

Marla: serious thumbs down on a 8.2 mega pixel

Brian: (This was my question yay!) I know the mega pixel is bleh but right now I'm shooting a Rebel XS which is only 10.1 (i believe) wanted to get a backup/2nd camera body and I found one for under $300

Keely:I have a Rebel XS and just bought a 7D (got it today!). Imo I would upgrade instead of getting the 30D

Brian: Its not in the budget to upgrade yet :(

Connie:  I have one that is a backup to my backup and I like it.

Ashley:  I used the 30d for 3 years :) ashleynackephotography

Justin: I think it would be worth it to wait and buy the upgrade when you can. Theres no reason in buying a back up camera, that is worse. Youd be better off investing that money in something that will really be a big help down the line. Or hang onto the money and if anything ever happens to your camera you will have that $300 to put towards a comparable. That seems like your just buying to buy

Leigh:  LOVE my 30d. It has only recently become my backup to a 40d, only because my backup kicked it. Love love love love mine.

Emily:  It's been my workhorse for 5 years.... I'm working on an upgrade now, but as long as it keeps clicking, it will be in my bag!

Brian: Thank you everyone :) I really appreciate the feedback especially from those of you who own one

Jayme:  I own a 30D (one of my backups) and the megapixels don't make the do, just sayin. Trust me on that, it's not the camera but the photog who creates the image and personally, I used to own a T2i and looking at my images, people thought I had a more expensive camera. All in the eye of the beholder...IMO

Brian:  Just wanted to post an update (in case anyone cares LOL) I got the 30D and it arrived yesterday. Granted, I have not had a chance to shoot a session with it yet, BUT compared to the Rebel XS I have, I think I made an EXCELLENT purchase! The ISO is TWICE that of the XS and the megapixels are not an issue as of yet. I really love my little XS (Its what I learned on) but it was really annoying waiting on it to take consecutive pictures fast enough to keep up with my clients (kids don't stay still and I just shot 2nd camera at my first wedding and wish I would have had the ability to shoot as quickly as the 30D does) No, its not a 5D Mark II, but I am already a fan :)


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