Where is a good place to make an inexpensive logo?

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QOTD from Diana: "I was just wondering if you could ask on your Facebook page where photographers had their logos made. I'm looking for a great but affordable web/logo designer."

Amy: in the past I have gotten one from etsy.com


Kelly: KML Creatives. She does awesome work!


Deitra:I designed my own. I am currently working on launching my own graphic design business.


Esta: I am on my phone so I can't tag right now but Amanda Walsh of pure pixels does mine! She does custom designs and very affordable! :)


Stephany: Jennifer Simard Photography & Designs did an awesome and affordable job on mine


Nik: etsy.com type business logo into search. I got mine for $15.


Michelle: Michelle Miller Designs on etsy :)


Nikki: Popcorn Pixels... she makes AMAZING logos, welcome pages, email sigs, and so on! You wont be dissapointed!


Elizabeth: Hinds Deluxe Miss Modern. Do a google search, I can't recall the web address. She has tons of one-of-a-kind pre-made logos & watermarks!


Alexandra: deluxemodern design has the most gorge designs, ever! I'm planning on getting one from her soon :-)


Alicia: I mean im on my phone, so i cant tag her, but her page is christina hendrick photography. Shes about to work on mines & shes amazing!!


Lesley: I designed mine! I haven't posted it yet because I am still rebranding! But I am also a graphic designer! I can help design one! Checkout Facebook.com/lesleyannekllc! I would love to help!


Christa: Made my own :)


Gabby: Jumping Jax Designs


Morgan: Alex & me design does logos, but GINGERbread Creations does all types of web designs!! BOTH are awesome with GREAT prices!


Danie: Made my own. : )


Kelsy:Izzy Couture Designs!


Jennifer: Stacey at Wild Hearts Photography did all the branding for Blissful Planet Photography :) She is amazing to work with, and does a fantastic job!


Chelsea: https://www.facebook.com/alophotoco does great work!


Kelsy:Logo is $40 and you can add a set of watermarks for $5 &/or a photoshop brush for $5!


Donna: MadiLu Designs - she's awesome!


Melissa: made my own :)


Kendra : Jennifer Hatch does them VERY reasonably.


Jenny: like a few others I made my own. Thankfully my degree and full time job is in graphic design so i have also been able to design all my print work as well.


Molly : Jeanine Linder! She is amazing and reasonable!


Megan: Lib at Lib Creative did mine and it's gorgeous, and pricing is very reasonable


Stephanie: Holli Atwater, did a LOGO for me!! :)


Shanna: I created mine in PSE8 :) Captured Moments by SK


Catrina: My dear friend, Katie Lee of OhhBaby Designs did mine, and really affordably! Mine seen on my website (www.catrinaboucherphoto.com) and on my Facebook page: Catrina Boucher Photography :)


Josh: Im going to school for visual communications and have learned alot if she would let me do it I would do it free =)


Celeste: Julie M Holloway is amazing and affordable. She send over about 20 within 24 hours for you to see. She won't stop until you are 100% happy! I got teary eyed when I saw mine!


Michelle: Popcorn Pixels ♥


Elisha: Spike and Pippa etsy shop.


Christy: I did my own, but check out Annie Bananie Designs


Andrea:-you can do one for me haha.


Ally: did mine and Adam Lowe of https://www.facebook.com/alophotoco also helped with my ideas. They're both amazing.


Adam: Lowe Thanks for the plugs folks. I also did Brooke's logos - BP, BP4U, etc.


Ally: Oh, that's right! That was a forgotten mention! Bet it just slipped her mind! You did an awesome job!!! ♥


Brian: I made my own too


Elaina : I'll only recommend Adam Lowe. And my recommendations are like solid gold, being handed out free. You're welcome.


Pam: Moleski Aniya Jade Photography is the other I was thinking of last night


Nikole: Adam Lowe with A.Lo Pho.To just did mine and I've had many compliments!


Emgee:  Anthony Jimenea from Philippines. ♥


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