Can anyone recommend a good bubble machine?

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Question from Alexandra: "Hi! Can anyone recommend a good bubble machine? I'm looking for one for a photo shoot! Thanks!!" :)

 Jfs Photoguy: chauvet

Jfs Photoguy:  you can buy these at places like Guitar center...Musicains friend

Heather: I don't know about a machine, but if you have an extra hand, Target sells an awesome $3 handhell bubble blower, I use it all the time!


Jfs Photoguy:  and then you need the special bubble stuff (juice

Melissa:  my daughter received this as a b-day present but I sneal=k it for my photo shoots, I love it :)

Erricka: You can get them at Spencer's Gifts too, really cheap! I think WalMart even has them. Pretty easy to find. Good luck with the photo shoot using bubbles!

Alexandra: Thanks, all!!!


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